Games Global – €3.7M WowPot! Jackpot

Games Global - €3.7M WowPot! Jackpot

In a monumental moment for online gaming enthusiasts, Games Global, a prominent supplier of online gaming content, recently witnessed the electrifying win of its legendary WowPot! progressive jackpot. This groundbreaking event unfolded at NineCasino, as a fortunate player claimed a staggering €3.7 million on January 14 while playing Fortune Factory Studios’ Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways. This triumphant payout follows closely on the heels of WowPot!’s record-breaking win of €38.4 million just a month prior, underscoring the dynamic and lucrative nature of progressive jackpots in the online casino industry.

The Record-Breaking Payout:

The grand total of €3,760,840.37 awarded to the player marks another milestone for Games Global and its WowPot! network. This triumph adds to the allure of the Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways slot, released in April 2023, which has captivated players with its innovative combination of the iconic Megaways mechanic and the WowPot! jackpot. Offering an astounding 117,649 ways to win, the game has rapidly gained popularity, providing players with an amplified and thrilling gaming experience.

WowPot! Dominance in Jackpot Space:

Games Global’s WowPot! jackpot, introduced in 2020, has consistently proven its dominance in the jackpot space. With an impressive track record of paying out more than €231 million to players globally, WowPot! has set itself apart as one of the most rewarding and sought-after progressive jackpot networks in the online casino industry. Notably, the recent win at NineCasino is not an isolated incident but rather a testament to WowPot!’s exceptional frequency, with an average win occurring every ten seconds throughout 2023.

Games Global's Enduring Success:

The Chief Product Officer for Games Global, Andy Booth, expressed his satisfaction with the consecutive jackpot wins, stating, “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our record-breaking network jackpots drop, especially when those wins come so close to one another. This highlights the fantastic potential of our offering and cements our position as a leading provider of progressive jackpot content. Congratulations to both the player and Fortune Factory Studios, whose game the jackpot was won on.”

Fortune Factory Studios' Delight:

Fortune Factory Studios, the creative force behind Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways, celebrated the game’s pivotal role in delivering another multimillion-euro WowPot! jackpot. Sinead Benson, the Business Development Manager for Fortune Factory Studios, expressed delight, stating, “Everyone at Fortune Factory Studios is delighted that Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways has become the latest game to award a multimillion-euro WowPot! Jackpot. This is the sort of thing we all hope for when creating exciting content, and we are thrilled to be a part of the WowPot! story.”

SoftSwiss' Commitment to Fairness:

Tatyana Kaminskaya, the Head of SoftSwiss Game Aggregator, emphasized the significance of the recent win, stating, “At SoftSwiss, we are thrilled about this win, highlighting the iGaming industry’s fairness and accessibility. This milestone reflects our dedication to creating a transparent and secure gaming environment through our software. Congratulations to the lucky winner; we are pleased to join your celebration.”

Expanding on Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways:

Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways, introduced to the gaming world in April 2023, has emerged as a game-changer in the online casino landscape. Let’s delve deeper into the features that have contributed to its immense success.

Megaways Mechanic:

The game leverages the Megaways mechanic, a revolutionary slot feature that provides players with a staggering 117,649 ways to win. This dynamic and variable reel setup has become a hallmark of modern online slots, offering unparalleled excitement and unpredictability.

WowPot! Jackpot:

The incorporation of Games Global’s WowPot! jackpot elevates the thrill factor to new heights. The WowPot! network, established in 2020, has consistently delivered substantial payouts, with the recent win at NineCasino being a testament to its enduring popularity and allure.

Amplified Gameplay:

The synergy between the Megaways mechanic and the WowPot! jackpot creates an amplified gaming experience. Players are not only immersed in the excitement of multiple ways to win but also tantalized by the prospect of landing a life-changing jackpot, as demonstrated by the recent €3.7 million windfall.

WowPot!'s Global Impact:

The WowPot! jackpot network has left an indelible mark on the global online casino landscape since its inception in 2020. With a commitment to providing unparalleled entertainment and substantial rewards, WowPot! has become a household name among avid online gamblers.

Worldwide Payouts:

The cumulative payouts from WowPot! exceed €231 million, distributed to fortunate players across the globe. This global reach underscores the network’s inclusivity and its ability to create winners from diverse geographical locations.

Industry-Leading Frequency:

WowPot! stands out not only for its generous payouts but also for its remarkable frequency. With an average jackpot win occurring every ten seconds in 2023, it has set a precedent as the most dynamic and engaging progressive jackpot network in the industry.

Network Stability and Trust:

The consistency of WowPot!’s payouts reflects the network’s stability and the trust it has garnered from both players and industry stakeholders. In an industry where reliability is paramount, WowPot! has established itself as a beacon of dependability.

Future Prospects:

As Games Global continues to innovate and push the boundaries of online gaming, the future prospects for WowPot! and its associated games, like Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways, appear promising. The recent consecutive wins only serve to fuel anticipation and excitement surrounding the next groundbreaking moment in the online casino world.


The recent progressive jackpot win on Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways at NineCasino is not merely a financial milestone but a testament to the enduring appeal of progressive jackpots and the innovative game design that captivates players worldwide. Games Global, Fortune Factory Studios, and SoftSwiss collectively celebrate the success, promising continued excellence in delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to online casino enthusiasts.


What is WowPot!?
WowPot! is a progressive jackpot network introduced by Games Global in 2020, known for substantial payouts and frequent wins.

How many ways to win does Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways offer?
The game boasts an impressive 117,649 ways to win, thanks to the iconic Megaways mechanic.

What is the significance of the recent €3.7 million jackpot win?
The win at NineCasino reaffirms WowPot!’s allure and the thrilling potential of Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways.

How often does WowPot! pay out?
In 2023, WowPot! achieved an average of one jackpot win every ten seconds, setting an industry benchmark.

When was Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways released?
The game was introduced in April 2023 and quickly gained popularity for its innovative features.

What is the total cumulative payout from WowPot! to date?
WowPot! has paid out more than €231 million since its inception, creating winners globally.

Who developed Wolf Blaze WowPot! Megaways?
Fortune Factory Studios is the creative force behind the game, contributing to its success.

How does the Megaways mechanic enhance gameplay?
The Megaways mechanic offers 117,649 ways to win, providing players with a dynamic and unpredictable gaming experience.

What role does SoftSwiss play in the recent jackpot win?
SoftSwiss, as the platform powering NineCasino, celebrated the win, emphasizing the industry’s fairness and accessibility.

What can we expect from Games Global and WowPot! in the future?
The recent wins highlight the ongoing innovation in online gaming, creating anticipation for future groundbreaking moments in the industry.


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