Hub88 and Aviatrix Elevate Crash Game Reach

Hub88 and Aviatrix Elevate Crash Game Reach

@Hub88 has been selected by the innovative #crashgame developer @Aviatrix as its latest global distribution partner. This strategic alliance aims to elevate Aviatrix’s flagship title to new heights using Hub88’s cutting-edge aggregator platform. Through this partnership, Aviatrix will gain a broader reach and enhanced visibility, making its renowned crash game available to Hub88’s extensive network of operators. The partnership is expected to be mutually beneficial, with Hub88 enhancing its portfolio with a unique and engaging title while Aviatrix leverages Hub88’s vast distribution channels to reach a global audience.

Expanding Aviatrix’s Reach

The collaboration between Hub88 and Aviatrix signifies a pivotal moment for both entities. Aviatrix, known for its intuitive gameplay and innovative features, will now be able to showcase its game to a wider audience. The crash game, distinguished by its user-friendly interface and engaging mechanics, is set to captivate an even larger player base through Hub88’s distribution capabilities. This expansion is crucial for Aviatrix, as it aims to solidify its position in the competitive iGaming market. By partnering with Hub88, Aviatrix can ensure that its game reaches players in various regions, enhancing its global footprint and brand recognition.

Innovative Gameplay Features

Aviatrix’s flagship title is celebrated for its dynamic and engaging features, which are designed to keep players entertained and invested. Key features include free bets and seasonal themes aligned with major sporting events, offering flexibility and variety to the gameplay. These features not only attract a wide range of players but also keep the game fresh and exciting throughout the year. Additionally, the game incorporates customizable NFT planes and promo codes, adding a unique and personalized touch to the gaming experience. Players can modify their NFT planes, making their in-game experience truly their own. These elements collectively contribute to the game’s popularity and its ability to maintain player interest over time. Aviatrix’s attention to detail and commitment to innovation are evident in the game’s design, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and entertained.

Hub88's Role as a Leading Content Aggregator

This partnership underscores Hub88’s status as a premier content aggregator in the iGaming industry. By integrating Aviatrix’s game into its platform, Hub88 continues to demonstrate its capability to drive audience growth and enhance the visibility of top-tier studios. Hub88’s platform is trusted by numerous operators worldwide, making it an ideal partner for Aviatrix to expand its market presence. The partnership also highlights Hub88’s strategic approach to curating a diverse portfolio of high-quality games, catering to the varied preferences of players globally. Hub88’s robust technological infrastructure and extensive network of operators enable it to deliver seamless integration and distribution of new titles, ensuring that games like Aviatrix’s crash game reach a broad and enthusiastic audience.

Statements from Industry Leaders

Ollie Castleman, Head of Hub88, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to welcome Aviatrix to our growing network of studios. Through the partnership, we will leverage our industry-leading aggregation platform to propel Aviatrix’s reach, granting them access to more players. Aviatrix’s focus on keeping gameplay exciting aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering the best service to our partners, with our platform the go-to destination for the freshest titles.” Castleman’s statement underscores Hub88’s dedication to fostering strong relationships with innovative studios and delivering top-notch gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Mikalai Pobal, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Aviatrix, echoed this sentiment, saying, “When we collaborate with content aggregators, we aren’t just looking for a distribution channel, but also a partner that shares our approach to iGaming innovation. We have absolutely found that in Hub88 and we look forward to building a long-lasting and forward-looking relationship with their team.” Pobal’s remarks highlight the strategic alignment between Aviatrix and Hub88, emphasizing the shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the iGaming sector. Both leaders’ statements reflect a mutual respect and optimism for the future of their collaboration.

The Future of iGaming Innovation

The partnership between Hub88 and Aviatrix is poised to set new standards in the iGaming sector. As both companies continue to prioritize innovation and player engagement, their collaboration is expected to yield significant benefits for the industry as a whole. By combining Aviatrix’s creative game design with Hub88’s robust distribution platform, the partnership aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to players worldwide. This collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to game development and distribution, where innovation and player satisfaction are at the forefront. The partnership is likely to inspire other studios and aggregators to adopt similar strategies, driving overall growth and advancement in the iGaming industry.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Hub88 and Aviatrix marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry. Through this strategic partnership, Aviatrix’s flagship crash game will reach new audiences, benefiting from Hub88’s extensive operator network and state-of-the-art aggregation platform. As both companies continue to innovate and push the boundaries of the gaming experience, the future looks bright for players and the industry alike. This partnership not only enhances the offerings of both companies but also sets a new benchmark for excellence and innovation in the iGaming sector. The ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging content ensures that players will have access to the best gaming experiences available, solidifying the reputation of both Hub88 and Aviatrix as leaders in the industry.


What is the significance of the partnership between Hub88 and Aviatrix?
The partnership aims to expand Aviatrix’s reach and visibility by leveraging Hub88’s extensive operator network and state-of-the-art aggregation platform.

What makes Aviatrix’s flagship game unique?
Aviatrix’s game features intuitive gameplay, free bets, seasonal themes, customizable NFT planes, and promo codes, which enhance the gaming experience.

How will Hub88 benefit from this partnership?
Hub88 will enhance its portfolio by adding Aviatrix’s innovative game, attracting more players to its platform.

Why did Aviatrix choose Hub88 as its distribution partner?
Aviatrix chose Hub88 for its industry-leading aggregation platform and shared commitment to iGaming innovation.

What are the key features of Aviatrix’s crash game?
The game includes free bets, seasonal themes, customizable NFT planes, and promo codes, all designed to keep players engaged.

How does this partnership impact the iGaming industry?
The collaboration sets new standards for innovation and player engagement, benefiting the industry as a whole.

What role does customization play in Aviatrix’s game?
Customization, such as NFT planes, allows players to personalize their gaming experience, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

What is Hub88’s position in the iGaming industry?
Hub88 is a leading content aggregator, trusted by numerous operators worldwide to drive audience growth and deliver top-tier games.

How will players benefit from this partnership?
Players will have access to Aviatrix’s engaging game through Hub88’s platform, providing a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

What are the future prospects of the Hub88 and Aviatrix partnership?
The partnership is expected to yield significant benefits for both companies and the iGaming industry, driving innovation and expanding market reach.


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