iGB L!VE 2024: From Amsterdam to London

iGB L!VE 2024: From Amsterdam to London

In a resounding testament to the thriving landscape of the iGaming industry, the upcoming July edition of iGB L!VE, set to grace the vibrant city of Amsterdam for the last time before its anticipated relocation to London in 2025, has garnered remarkable attention. Industry professionals are flocking to register in numbers surpassing all previous benchmarks, setting the stage for an event poised to redefine networking, innovation, and business opportunities.

Unveiling Unmatched Interest

As per the latest insights unveiled by Clarion Gaming, the organizing body behind iGB L!VE, the volume of applications has surged beyond 2,000 as of May 10. This striking surge underscores the event’s stature as a premier global gathering, uniting the foremost affiliates, operators, technology vendors, game providers, and suppliers in the iGaming domain.

Portfolio Director Naomi Barton expressed profound enthusiasm, affirming the extraordinary response as a testament to iGB L!VE’s unrivaled appeal within the industry. Barton remarked, “iGB L!VE has cemented its position as the fastest-growing business event in the industry. Surpassing the achievements of the previous year, which boasted a record-breaking unique attendance of 7,299, marking a remarkable 44% year-on-year increase, and witnessed 14,500 on-site visits, is undeniably encouraging.”

Paving the Path to Success

The exponential growth trajectory of iGB L!VE unveils boundless avenues for business expansion and collaboration. With over 300 exhibitors and sponsors, occupying a sprawling 21,000+ square meters of exhibition space, the event promises unparalleled opportunities for industry stakeholders. This represents a remarkable 35% surge compared to the preceding year, signifying the event’s escalating influence and relevance within the global iGaming ecosystem.

Barton further emphasized, “Every metric we gauge reflects a positive trend, underscoring the vibrant dynamism of the iGB L!VE platform. With all elements aligning seamlessly, we anticipate over 9,000 attendees to converge, commemorating the successes witnessed in Amsterdam and eagerly anticipating the forthcoming chapter set to unfold in London, the revered hub of iGaming.”

Celebrating Amsterdam's Legacy, Embracing London's Future

The impending relocation of iGB L!VE from the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to the cosmopolitan ambiance of London heralds a significant transition for the event and the industry at large. Amsterdam, renowned for its cultural charm and innovative spirit, has served as an ideal backdrop for fostering connections and driving innovation within the iGaming realm.

As attendees gather for the final edition in Amsterdam, there is a palpable sense of nostalgia mingled with anticipation for the future. The city has not only witnessed unprecedented growth in the iGaming sector but has also encapsulated the essence of collaboration, creativity, and progress.

London, with its status as a global financial hub and epicenter of technological innovation, emerges as the natural evolution for iGB L!VE. The city’s dynamic landscape, coupled with its robust regulatory framework and expansive market potential, presents a myriad of opportunities for industry players to thrive and innovate.

Expanding Perspectives: iGB L!VE's Evolutionary Journey

The journey of iGB L!VE has been marked by continual evolution, reflecting the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry itself. From its inception, the event has served as a pivotal platform for fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and facilitating business growth within the rapidly evolving iGaming landscape.

The decision to relocate iGB L!VE from Amsterdam to London underscores a strategic move aimed at aligning the event with the epicenter of global iGaming activity. London’s status as a leading financial hub, coupled with its robust regulatory framework and diverse talent pool, positions it as an ideal destination for nurturing industry growth and innovation.

However, while the relocation signifies a new chapter in iGB L!VE’s journey, it also serves as an opportunity to reflect on the event’s remarkable legacy in Amsterdam. Over the years, Amsterdam has not only provided a picturesque backdrop for the event but has also fostered a culture of collaboration, creativity, and progress within the iGaming community.

As industry professionals gather for the final edition of iGB L!VE in Amsterdam, there is a sense of celebration for the successes achieved and the relationships forged in the city. From insightful seminars to networking opportunities, the event has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the iGaming industry.

Looking ahead, the relocation to London opens up new horizons for iGB L!VE, presenting unprecedented opportunities for industry stakeholders. With its vibrant ecosystem and global connectivity, London is poised to become a thriving hub for iGaming innovation, driving the industry forward in exciting new directions.

Navigating Industry Trends: Insights from iGB L!VE

One of the hallmark features of iGB L!VE is its ability to provide invaluable insights into emerging trends and developments within the iGaming sector. From technological innovations to regulatory updates, the event serves as a barometer for the industry’s trajectory, offering attendees a firsthand glimpse into the future of iGaming.

In recent years, the iGaming landscape has witnessed a plethora of transformative trends, propelled by advancements in technology, shifting consumer preferences, and evolving regulatory frameworks. From the rise of mobile gaming to the emergence of blockchain technology, the industry continues to undergo rapid transformation, presenting both challenges and opportunities for stakeholders.

At iGB L!VE, industry leaders and experts converge to explore these trends, engaging in insightful discussions, thought-provoking seminars, and interactive workshops. Whether it’s exploring the potential of artificial intelligence in gaming or discussing the implications of regulatory changes, iGB L!VE provides a platform for dialogue and innovation, driving the industry forward.

As the event prepares to make its final appearance in Amsterdam before embarking on a new chapter in London, attendees can expect a wealth of valuable insights and networking opportunities. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, iGB L!VE promises to be a catalyst for industry growth and innovation, setting the stage for a new era of possibilities in the world of iGaming.

Seizing Opportunities: The Road Ahead for iGB L!VE

As iGB L!VE prepares to bid farewell to Amsterdam and embark on its journey to London, industry stakeholders are presented with a myriad of opportunities to capitalize on the event’s momentum. From networking with peers to showcasing innovative products and solutions, iGB L!VE offers a platform for driving business growth and forging meaningful partnerships.

For exhibitors and sponsors, iGB L!VE represents a unique opportunity to showcase their offerings to a global audience of industry professionals. With access to over 9,000 attendees and a diverse range of exhibitors, the event provides unparalleled exposure and visibility, facilitating valuable connections and business opportunities.

Similarly, for attendees, iGB L!VE offers a platform for exploring the latest trends, discovering innovative solutions, and expanding their professional networks. Whether it’s connecting with potential partners or attending educational sessions, iGB L!VE provides a wealth of opportunities for learning, collaboration, and growth.

As the event prepares to transition to London, industry stakeholders can look forward to a new chapter of innovation and growth. With its dynamic ecosystem and global connectivity, London promises to be a fertile ground for driving the future of iGaming, shaping the industry’s trajectory in exciting new ways.


In conclusion, the upcoming edition of iGB L!VE in Amsterdam marks a pivotal moment in the event’s journey, reflecting the industry’s growth, innovation, and anticipation. With record-breaking attendance and unprecedented interest, the event underscores its position as a premier global gathering for the iGaming community.

As attendees gather to celebrate the successes achieved in Amsterdam and look ahead to the future in London, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation. From networking opportunities to insightful discussions, iGB L!VE promises to be a catalyst for industry growth and innovation, setting the stage for a new era of possibilities in the world of iGaming.


What is iGB L!VE?
iGB L!VE is a premier business event tailored specifically for the iGaming industry. It serves as a global platform bringing together affiliates, operators, technology vendors, game providers, and suppliers to explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities within the iGaming sector.

Where will the upcoming edition of iGB L!VE be held?
The upcoming edition of iGB L!VE is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It will be the final edition held in Amsterdam before the event relocates to London in 2025.

How many applications have been received for the upcoming event?
As of May 10, over 2,000 applications have been received for the upcoming edition of iGB L!VE. This significant number underscores the event’s popularity and its status as a leading gathering within the iGaming industry.

What distinguishes iGB L!VE from other industry events?
iGB L!VE stands out for its comprehensive approach to the iGaming sector. It provides attendees with access to a diverse range of exhibitors, sponsors, and industry experts, along with educational seminars, networking opportunities, and product showcases. This holistic approach makes iGB L!VE a must-attend event for anyone involved in the iGaming ecosystem.

What growth trends have been observed in iGB L!VE attendance?
Attendance at iGB L!VE has been on a consistent upward trajectory, with each edition attracting more attendees than the last. The 2024 edition in Amsterdam has seen a remarkable surge in registrations, reflecting the growing interest and relevance of the event within the iGaming industry.

Why is London considered an ideal location for iGB L!VE’s relocation?
London offers a strategic advantage as a global hub for finance, technology, and innovation. It boasts a vibrant ecosystem of industry players, regulatory bodies, and talent pools, making it an ideal destination for hosting a prestigious event like iGB L!VE. Additionally, London’s central location and excellent connectivity further enhance its appeal as a venue for international gatherings.

What can attendees expect from iGB L!VE?
Attendees can expect a dynamic and immersive experience at iGB L!VE, featuring a wide range of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events. They will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, discover innovative products and solutions, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends shaping the iGaming landscape.

How does iGB L!VE contribute to industry growth and innovation?
iGB L!VE serves as a catalyst for industry growth and innovation by providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking. It brings together key stakeholders from across the iGaming ecosystem, fostering partnerships, driving technological advancements, and shaping the future direction of the industry.

What role does Amsterdam play in the legacy of iGB L!VE?
Amsterdam has played a significant role in the legacy of iGB L!VE, serving as the event’s host city for several successful editions. It has provided a vibrant and welcoming backdrop for industry professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections. Amsterdam’s unique blend of culture, innovation, and hospitality has contributed to the event’s success and left a lasting impression on attendees.

What opportunities does iGB L!VE’s relocation to London present for industry stakeholders?
The relocation of iGB L!VE to London presents exciting opportunities for industry stakeholders. London’s status as a global financial hub and technology epicenter offers access to a diverse range of resources, expertise, and networking opportunities. It provides a fertile ground for collaboration, innovation, and growth, positioning iGB L!VE and its participants for continued success in the evolving iGaming landscape.


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