iGP: Jovana Popovic Canaki as Deputy CEO

iGP: Jovana Popovic Canaki as Deputy CEO

iGP, a prominent creator and provider of cutting-edge iGaming solutions, has appointed Jovana Popovic Canaki as their new Deputy CEO. This strategic move aims to strengthen the company’s leadership team and propel its ambitious growth plans in diverse iGaming verticals and global markets.

Introduction to Jovana Popovic Canaki

Jovana Popovic Canaki brings over 17 years of distinguished experience in the iGaming industry to her new role at iGP. With a robust background encompassing leadership positions across both B2B and B2C sectors, Jovana is renowned for her strategic insights and operational expertise.

Career Highlights and Background

Prior to joining iGP, Jovana held pivotal roles at renowned companies within the iGaming sector. Notably, she served as VP Partner Success at Aspire Global and held the positions of Managing Director and CEO at Masterpiece Gaming. Her tenure at Bragg Gaming, where she advanced to the role of Director of Business Unit iGaming Platform and Services, further solidified her reputation as a visionary leader with a track record of driving operational excellence and market growth.

Strategic Imperatives for iGP

Jovana Popovic Canaki’s appointment marks a pivotal moment in iGP’s strategic evolution. The company is poised to expand beyond its core platform solutions, leveraging Jovana’s expertise to explore emerging iGaming trends and capitalize on new business opportunities globally.

Enhancing Senior Leadership

The addition of Jovana to iGP’s senior management team underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing its leadership capabilities. Her strategic acumen and deep industry knowledge will play a crucial role in steering iGP through its next phase of growth, which includes the introduction of innovative products like the Crypto Casino solution.

Visionary Leadership and Future Outlook

In her statement, Jovana expressed enthusiasm about her new role, emphasizing her dedication to fostering innovation and maximizing the potential of iGP’s offerings. She highlighted her eagerness to collaborate with the talented team at iGP to deliver unparalleled value to clients while exploring new avenues for growth.

Commitment to Innovation and Client Satisfaction

Throughout her career, Jovana has been instrumental in spearheading transformative initiatives within the iGaming sector. Her appointment at iGP signifies a strategic alignment with the company’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence. Under her leadership, iGP aims to strengthen its market position and expand its global footprint.

CEO’s Perspective

Giovanni Paticchio, CEO of iGP, welcomed Jovana’s appointment with enthusiasm, citing her extensive industry experience and leadership prowess as invaluable assets to the company. He expressed confidence that Jovana’s strategic insights will accelerate iGP’s growth trajectory and reinforce its position as a leading provider of iGaming solutions.

Building a Resilient Leadership Team

Under Giovanni’s stewardship, iGP has prioritized building a robust leadership team capable of navigating dynamic market landscapes. Jovana’s appointment exemplifies iGP’s strategic approach to talent acquisition and its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.


The appointment of Jovana Popovic Canaki as Deputy CEO represents a significant milestone in iGP’s journey toward sustained growth and innovation in the competitive iGaming industry. With her wealth of experience and strategic vision, coupled with iGP’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of iGaming technology, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver exceptional value to its clients worldwide.


What role does Jovana Popovic Canaki play at iGP?
Jovana Popovic Canaki serves as the Deputy CEO at iGP, where she provides strategic leadership and oversees the company’s expansion initiatives into new iGaming markets.

How many years of experience does Jovana have in the iGaming industry?
Jovana Popovic Canaki brings over 17 years of extensive experience in the iGaming industry, with a proven track record in leadership roles across various sectors.

What are iGP’s expansion strategies with Jovana on board?
With Jovana Popovic Canaki as Deputy CEO, iGP aims to expand its global footprint beyond traditional iGaming solutions, exploring new verticals and enhancing service delivery.

Which companies has Jovana worked for before joining iGP?
Before joining iGP, Jovana held key positions at notable companies such as Aspire Global, Masterpiece Gaming, and Bragg Gaming, where she played pivotal roles in business development and strategic management.

Why is Jovana Popovic Canaki’s appointment significant for iGP?
Jovana’s appointment as Deputy CEO signifies iGP’s strategic focus on leveraging her industry expertise to drive innovation, expand market reach, and strengthen client relationships.

How will Jovana’s appointment benefit iGP’s clients?
Clients of iGP can expect enhanced service delivery, innovative product offerings, and a strategic approach to meeting evolving market demands under Jovana’s leadership.

What innovative products is iGP developing under Jovana’s leadership?
Under Jovana Popovic Canaki’s leadership, iGP is developing cutting-edge solutions like the Crypto Casino, aimed at meeting the growing demand for innovative iGaming platforms.

How does Giovanni Paticchio view Jovana’s appointment at iGP?
Giovanni Paticchio, CEO of iGP, views Jovana’s appointment as instrumental in accelerating the company’s growth trajectory and reinforcing its position as a leader in the iGaming solutions market.

Why is iGP focusing on enhancing its senior management team?
iGP is focusing on enhancing its senior management team to strengthen leadership capabilities, foster innovation, and drive strategic initiatives that propel the company’s growth in competitive iGaming markets.

What are Jovana Popovic Canaki’s objectives for iGP’s future growth?
Jovana Popovic Canaki aims to drive iGP’s future growth by fostering a culture of innovation, expanding into new markets, and delivering exceptional value to clients through advanced iGaming solutions.


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