Jesper Søgaard: Transforming Sports Media

Jesper Søgaard: Transforming Sports Media

Jesper Søgaard, co-founder and CEO of @BetterCollective, has played a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of #digitalSportsMedia. Since establishing the company with Christian Kirk Rasmussen in 2004, Søgaard has driven @BetterCollective to become a leading player in the #iGaming and #sportsBetting industries. Under his visionary leadership, the company has achieved remarkable milestones, including significant revenue growth, international expansion, and strategic acquisitions, all while promoting #transparency and fairness in #sportsBetting.

The Early Days

Jesper Søgaard’s journey in the world of digital sports media began with a passion for sports and a keen interest in technology. Along with his co-founder Christian Kirk Rasmussen, Søgaard recognized the potential to make sports betting more accessible, entertaining, and transparent. This vision led to the creation of Better Collective, which aimed to provide reliable and engaging content to sports bettors.

The early days of Better Collective were characterized by a strong focus on user experience and quality content. Søgaard and Rasmussen were determined to build a platform that not only provided betting tips and strategies but also educated users about responsible gambling practices. This commitment to user-centric design and ethical standards quickly set Better Collective apart from its competitors, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Revolutionary Leadership

Jesper Søgaard’s leadership at Better Collective has been nothing short of revolutionary. His strategic vision has guided the company through various stages of growth and transformation. One of the key aspects of his leadership is his ability to foresee industry trends and adapt accordingly. Søgaard has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, leveraging technology to enhance the user experience and drive engagement.

Under Søgaard’s guidance, Better Collective has expanded its reach internationally, establishing a strong presence in multiple markets across Europe and beyond. This expansion has been fueled by strategic acquisitions, including the landmark purchase of Action Network for $240 million. This acquisition, the largest in the company’s history, significantly boosted Better Collective’s footprint in the US market and underscored Søgaard’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Navigating Challenges

Navigating the complexities of the iGaming and sports betting industries is no easy task, but Jesper Søgaard has proven adept at overcoming challenges. One of the significant hurdles he faced was ensuring compliance with varying regulatory frameworks across different countries. Søgaard’s strategic approach involved building a robust compliance team and fostering strong relationships with regulators, ensuring that Better Collective adhered to all legal requirements while maintaining its commitment to transparency and fairness.

Another challenge was the rapid technological advancements in the industry. Søgaard’s response was to invest heavily in research and development, continuously updating Better Collective’s platforms with the latest technologies. This proactive approach allowed the company to stay ahead of the curve, offering users innovative features and tools that enhanced their betting experience. Søgaard’s ability to navigate these challenges has been a key factor in Better Collective’s sustained success.

Family and Personal Life

Despite his demanding career, Jesper Søgaard places great importance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Family is a significant source of support and inspiration for him. Søgaard often credits his family for providing him with the grounding and perspective needed to navigate the ups and downs of running a successful company.

Søgaard’s approach to leadership reflects his belief in the importance of personal well-being. He fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment at Better Collective, encouraging his team to prioritize their health and happiness. This holistic approach not only boosts employee morale but also drives productivity and creativity, contributing to the company’s overall success.

Future Forward

Looking ahead, Jesper Søgaard has ambitious plans for Better Collective. His vision for the future involves continuing to expand the company’s global footprint and exploring new markets. Søgaard is particularly focused on leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to further enhance the user experience. By integrating these advanced technologies, Better Collective aims to provide even more personalized and engaging services to its users.

Søgaard is also committed to promoting responsible gambling practices. He believes that the long-term success of the sports betting industry depends on maintaining the trust and well-being of its users. To this end, Better Collective will continue to invest in educational initiatives and tools that promote safe and responsible betting. Søgaard’s vision for the future is one where innovation and responsibility go hand in hand.

Final Thought

Jesper Søgaard’s journey from co-founding Better Collective to leading it as a global leader in digital sports media is a remarkable story of vision, innovation, and resilience. His ability to navigate the complexities of the industry while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and transparency has been instrumental in Better Collective’s success. Under his leadership, the company has not only achieved significant growth but has also set new standards for excellence in the iGaming and sports betting industries.

Søgaard’s commitment to responsible gambling and sustainable practices highlights his dedication to ethical leadership. As he continues to lead Better Collective into the future, his strategic vision and innovative approach will undoubtedly shape the company’s trajectory and influence the broader industry.

His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, demonstrating that with the right combination of vision, determination, and ethical practices, it is possible to achieve extraordinary success. Jesper Søgaard’s legacy at Better Collective is a testament to the power of strategic leadership and the impact of continuous improvement.


Who is Jesper Søgaard?
Jesper Søgaard is the co-founder and CEO of Better Collective, a leading company in digital sports media and iGaming.

What is Better Collective known for?
Better Collective is renowned for providing reliable sports betting content and promoting transparency in the industry.

How has Jesper Søgaard shaped Better Collective?
Jesper Søgaard’s leadership has driven Better Collective’s international expansion and strategic acquisitions.

What challenges has Jesper Søgaard faced in his career?
Jesper Søgaard has navigated regulatory complexities and technological advancements in the iGaming industry.

What are Jesper Søgaard’s future plans for Better Collective?
Jesper Søgaard aims to expand globally and enhance user experience through emerging technologies.


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