Kambi’s Financial Targets and Leadership

Kambi's Financial Targets and Leadership

In February, @Kambi initiated a comprehensive review of the assumptions underlying its 2027 #Financial Targets, originally set forth in January 2023. These ambitious targets aimed for revenue levels to reach 2-3 times the figures of the fiscal year 2022, translating to approximately €330-€500 million, and Earnings Before Interest And Taxes (#EBIT) to exceed €150 million.

Financial Review and Market Dynamics

Upon conducting the review, Kambi’s Board concluded that while progress has been made in areas within the company’s control, the slower-than-expected regulatory advancements in certain key markets would likely postpone the anticipated revenue influx from these regions. This delay presents significant challenges, as regulatory progress is crucial for market expansion and revenue generation in the sports betting industry.

The Board’s assessment highlights the inherent unpredictability of regulatory environments and their substantial impact on financial forecasting and strategic planning. The company’s ability to adapt to these external factors will be critical in achieving its long-term financial goals.

Leadership Transition

In a strategic move, Kambi announced earlier this week the appointment of Werner Becher as the new Chief Executive Officer. The Board has expressed its full support for Becher, emphasizing the importance of his role in executing the company’s long-term strategy. Becher’s leadership is expected to play a pivotal role in extending Kambi’s position as the leading global sports betting provider.

Becher brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to Kambi, which will be essential in navigating the complexities of the regulatory landscape and driving the company towards its financial targets. The Board’s focus will now shift to supporting Becher in these efforts, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity in leadership.

Future Financial Targets

The Board maintains that having long-term financial targets is crucial for the company’s strategic direction. These targets will be re-evaluated in collaboration with the new CEO and communicated to stakeholders at an appropriate time. This re-evaluation process will consider the current market dynamics, regulatory developments, and internal progress to set realistic and achievable goals.

Strategic Focus and Market Expansion

Kambi’s strategic focus will remain on market expansion and innovation in the sports betting industry. Despite the regulatory challenges, the company is committed to exploring new markets and enhancing its technological capabilities to maintain its competitive edge. The Board believes that with the right leadership and strategic approach, Kambi can overcome these challenges and achieve its long-term financial objectives.

Technological Advancements and Innovation

Innovation and technological advancements are at the core of Kambi’s strategy. The company aims to leverage its cutting-edge sports betting platform to offer superior products and services, catering to the evolving needs of its customers. Continuous investment in technology will be critical in sustaining Kambi’s market leadership and driving revenue growth.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Kambi remains dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices across all its operations. The company’s commitment to responsible gambling is integral to its corporate strategy and reputation. By implementing robust measures to protect customers and ensure fair play, Kambi aims to foster a safe and enjoyable betting environment.

Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships

Building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders is a priority for Kambi. The company is committed to transparent communication and collaboration with regulators, partners, and customers. By fostering trust and cooperation, Kambi aims to create a supportive ecosystem that facilitates its growth and success.


Kambi’s review of its 2027 financial targets and the appointment of Werner Becher as the new CEO mark significant milestones for the company. While regulatory challenges may delay revenue growth in certain markets, Kambi’s strategic focus, technological innovation, and commitment to responsible gambling will be instrumental in achieving its long-term objectives. The Board’s support for the new CEO and the re-evaluation of financial targets will provide a clear roadmap for Kambi’s future success.


What are Kambi’s 2027 financial targets?
Kambi aims for revenue of €330-€500 million and EBIT exceeding €150 million by 2027.

Why is Kambi reviewing its financial targets?
The review was initiated due to slower-than-expected regulatory progress in key markets affecting revenue forecasts.

Who is the new CEO of Kambi?
Werner Becher was appointed as the new CEO of Kambi.

What will the new CEO focus on?
The new CEO will focus on executing the company’s long-term strategy and extending its market leadership.

How does Kambi plan to achieve its financial targets?
Kambi plans to achieve its targets through market expansion, technological innovation, and strategic planning.

What challenges does Kambi face in achieving its targets?
Regulatory delays in key markets pose significant challenges to achieving the financial targets.

What role does technology play in Kambi’s strategy?
Technology is central to Kambi’s strategy, enabling innovation and superior service offerings.

How is Kambi promoting responsible gambling?
Kambi is committed to implementing robust measures to ensure responsible gambling and protect customers.

What is Kambi’s approach to stakeholder relationships?
Kambi focuses on transparent communication and collaboration with stakeholders to foster trust and support.

When will Kambi’s new financial targets be communicated?
The new financial targets will be communicated after a thorough evaluation with the new CEO.


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