Kindred Group’s Safer Gambling Commitment

Kindred Group's Safer Gambling Commitment

Kindred Group plc (Kindred), a well-known player in the world of online gambling and sports betting, is dedicated to ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment for its customers. In the third quarter of 2023, Kindred reported that its share of revenue from harmful gambling stood at 3.3%. This statistic serves as a reminder that the company’s mission to promote responsible gambling is an ongoing journey that demands continuous efforts and innovation.

Empowering Safer Gambling with Enhanced Tools

In recent months, Kindred has taken significant steps to enhance its responsible gambling toolkit. Automated interventions have been continually rolled out, providing a more proactive approach to identifying and assisting customers at risk. These interventions have been further bolstered by the integration of advanced features, designed to create a more comprehensive responsible gambling journey across Kindred’s portfolio of brands.

The focus on customer welfare is paramount in these efforts, and the data for 2023 indicates that while progress is evident, there is still work to be done. Kindred is fully aware of this and remains dedicated to achieving a safer gambling experience for all its customers.

Recognizing the Need for Sustainability

While striving for a safer gambling environment, Kindred also recognizes the need for long-term sustainability in the industry as a whole. This acknowledgment reflects Kindred’s commitment to fostering a healthy and responsible gambling ecosystem across all markets. It is not just about being responsible here and now; it’s about setting the stage for a sustainable future.

Positive Trends in Customer Behavior

One of the encouraging trends observed by Kindred is the positive response from customers who have been identified as needing interventions. In the latest quarter, a remarkable 86.7% of detected customers showed improvements in their gambling behavior following interventions.

These interventions involve short, customer-friendly messages that provide tailored insights into the customer’s gambling activity. The goal is to raise awareness and encourage the use of responsible gambling tools. Kindred’s dedication to providing a supportive and informative approach to its customers is clear.

A Closer Look at the Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS)

To achieve these positive outcomes, Kindred has implemented the Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS). This system enables the company to proactively identify customers who may be at risk due to their gambling behavior. Automated interventions are then triggered to provide immediate assistance and support.

Insights from Sara Lennartsson, Sustainability Partner

Sara Lennartsson, a Sustainability Partner at Kindred Group, plays a crucial role in the company’s responsible gambling initiatives. Her work revolves around ensuring that Kindred remains a sustainable and responsible operator in the gaming industry.

Sara and her team are responsible for all personal outgoing communications related to PS-EDS and responsible gambling. To excel in their roles, they undergo specific training sessions where they learn, discuss, and refine their responsibilities to enhance their work, processes, and outcomes.

Sara sheds light on the responsibilities of Sustainability Partners: “A Sustainability Partner handles the contact with customers that have been detected on our monitoring system PS-EDS and escalated by the Player Risk Team after a manual review to perform a personalized intervention. We then review the customer profile and prepare for the needed interaction, for example, a phone call.”

She further explains that the nature of these interactions can vary, as they must be prepared for different customer responses. “Although prepared for the call, you never know how the customer will receive our communication. When we are asked to do a phone call, we always try to get a hold of the customer, and if they don’t answer, we implement other safety tools, initiatives, or communication channels.”

Sara emphasizes that most customers react positively to these interventions, understanding that they are carried out with their best interests at heart. “Most are very friendly, and we have a great conversation about their gambling and gambling in general. I have to say the majority of customers appreciate us reaching out to them. They know we are doing this because we care about their well-being.”

FAQ: Responsible Gambling at Kindred Group

What was Kindred Group’s share of revenue from harmful gambling in the third quarter of 2023?
Kindred reported a share of 3.3% of revenue from harmful gambling in the third quarter of 2023.

What recent initiatives has Kindred undertaken to promote responsible gambling?
Kindred has rolled out automated interventions and enhanced features in its responsible gambling toolkit to provide a more comprehensive responsible gambling experience.

How does Kindred view its mission for promoting responsible gambling?
Kindred sees responsible gambling as an ongoing journey that requires continuous efforts and innovation.

What percentage of detected customers improved their gambling behavior following interventions in the latest quarter?
An impressive 86.7% of detected customers improved their behavior after interventions in the latest quarter.

What is the Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS), and how does it work?
PS-EDS is a system used by Kindred to proactively identify customers at risk due to their gambling behavior and trigger automated interventions to provide immediate support.

Who is Sara Lennartsson, and what is her role at Kindred Group?
Sara Lennartsson is a Sustainability Partner at Kindred Group, responsible for outbound communications related to responsible gambling and PS-EDS.

What kind of training do Sustainability Partners undergo at Kindred?
Sustainability Partners receive specific training sessions to enhance their responsibilities, work processes, and outcomes related to responsible gambling.

How do Sustainability Partners handle interactions with customers identified as needing interventions?
Sustainability Partners review the customer profile, prepare for the needed interaction (e.g., a phone call), and adapt to different customer responses.

What is the goal of Kindred’s responsible gambling interventions?
The goal is to provide customers with personalized insights into their gambling activity, raise awareness, and encourage the use of responsible gambling tools.

How do customers typically react to interventions by Kindred?
Most customers appreciate the proactive approach and understand that the interventions are carried out because Kindred cares about their well-being and safety.


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