Malta Hosts CasinoBeats Summit 2024

Malta Hosts CasinoBeats Summit 2024

InterContinental Malta is gearing up to host one of the most anticipated events in the gaming industry, the CasinoBeats Summit 2024. Scheduled from May 21st to 23rd, this summit promises to be a gathering like no other, bringing together professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Introduction to CasinoBeats Summit

The CasinoBeats Summit is renowned for being a hub of all things casino-related. From insightful discussions on innovation to firsthand glimpses of the latest products, the summit offers a comprehensive overview of the gaming landscape. With an expected turnout of 4,500 delegates, the 2024 edition is poised to be a landmark event in the industry calendar.

Keynote Address by John Romero

A highlight of the summit is the keynote address by none other than John Romero, a legendary figure in the gaming world. As the mastermind behind classics like ‘Doom’ and ‘Quake,’ Romero’s insights into game development and design are invaluable. His address is eagerly awaited and is expected to set the tone for the rest of the event.

Game Developer Awards

Following Romero’s keynote, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the Game Developer Awards, a ceremony that celebrates excellence in game development. Hosted by Romero himself alongside Trudy Kerr, this event recognizes the talented teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry.

Educational Component: Insights and Expertise

One of the pillars of the CasinoBeats Summit is its educational component, which features over 150 experts covering various aspects of the gaming industry. From the mechanics of slot games to the intricacies of live casino experiences, attendees can expect deep dives into a wide range of topics. Special attention will be given to areas such as game design, creativity, and innovation, providing attendees with actionable insights to apply in their own projects.

Exploring SEO and AI

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in the success of online businesses. At the CasinoBeats Summit, SEO will be a focal point across multiple sessions, offering attendees the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Led by industry experts such as Ivana Flynn, Director of SEO at Betinia and Campobet, these sessions will delve into the intersection of SEO with artificial intelligence and the latest updates from search engine giant Google.

Workshops and Hackathons: Hands-On Learning

For those looking for a more hands-on learning experience, workshops and hackathons will be available throughout the summit. These sessions provide attendees with the opportunity to engage with industry professionals on a more intimate level, diving deep into specific topics of interest. Whether it’s mastering the art of brand design or exploring the latest trends in VIP program development, there’s something for everyone at the CasinoBeats Summit.

Exhibition Floor: Showcasing Innovation

The exhibition floor at the CasinoBeats Summit will be a hive of activity, with over 50 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and innovations in the gaming industry. From cutting-edge technology to immersive gaming experiences, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of offerings from leading companies in the field.

Networking Opportunities: Building Connections

Beyond the educational sessions and product showcases, the CasinoBeats Summit offers ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. From dedicated networking events to roundtable discussions, attendees can connect with industry peers, share ideas, and forge valuable partnerships that can propel their careers and businesses forward.

Women in Gaming: Empowerment and Inclusion

Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry, the CasinoBeats Summit features special sessions and activities for women in gaming. From empowerment workshops to networking events, female attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, share their experiences, and inspire the next generation of women in the field.

Roundtable Discussions: Exploring Industry Challenges

Throughout the summit, attendees can participate in intimate roundtable discussions that delve into the regulatory landscape and explore challenges and opportunities in various markets. These sessions provide a platform for open dialogue and knowledge sharing, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights from industry experts and regulators.

Evening Networking Events: Celebrating Success

As the sun sets on each day of the summit, attendees can unwind and connect at a series of evening networking events. From opening and closing parties to VIP dinners, these events provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of the summit and forge lasting connections with fellow attendees.

Conclusion: A Summit to Remember

In conclusion, the CasinoBeats Summit 2024 promises to be a transformative experience for all who attend. From insightful discussions and educational workshops to networking opportunities and celebrations of success, the summit offers something for everyone in the gaming industry. As InterContinental Malta prepares to welcome delegates from around the world, anticipation is high for what promises to be an unforgettable event.


What is the CasinoBeats Summit?
The CasinoBeats Summit is a premier event in the gaming industry, bringing together professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world.

Who is John Romero?
John Romero is a legendary game programmer and designer known for iconic titles like ‘Doom’ and ‘Quake.’

What topics are covered in the educational component of the Summit?
The educational component covers various aspects of the gaming industry, including game design, creativity, innovation, and SEO.

What is the focus of the SEO sessions?
The SEO sessions explore the intersection of SEO with artificial intelligence and the latest updates from Google.

What are some workshop topics at the Summit?
Workshop topics include brand design, VIP program development, and the latest trends in the gaming industry.

How many exhibitors are expected at the Summit?
Over 50 exhibitors will showcase their products and innovations at the Summit.

Are there networking opportunities at the Summit?
Yes, the Summit offers ample networking opportunities, including dedicated networking events and roundtable discussions.

Is there a special focus on women in gaming at the Summit?
Yes, the Summit features special sessions and activities for women in gaming, promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

What are roundtable discussions about?
Roundtable discussions explore regulatory landscapes and industry challenges in various markets.

What evening events are available at the Summit?
Evening events include opening and closing parties, VIP dinners, and the Game Developer Awards ceremony.


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