Pariplay® Expands with ComeOn Group

Pariplay® Expands with ComeOn Group

NeoGames S.A subsidiary Pariplay® has recently inked a significant deal with the prominent operator ComeOn Group. This partnership is set to elevate the entertainment quotient for players across diverse markets by making Pariplay®’s leading content, hosted on its Fusion® platform, available to ComeOn Group’s array of brands. The collaboration begins with the integration of content from Pariplay®’s in-house studio, Wizard Games, and outlines plans for subsequent roll-outs featuring additional suppliers from the Fusion® platform.

The Fusion® Platform: A Comprehensive Gaming Experience

Pariplay®’s Fusion® platform stands out in the industry for offering one of the most extensive arrays of games. Beyond just games, it incorporates a suite of back-office conversion and engagement tools, providing added value for operators. The platform’s versatility ensures a holistic gaming experience, making it a preferred choice for operators looking to enhance their offerings.

Expanding Market Presence

The ComeOn Group collaboration is a testament to Pariplay®’s relentless pursuit of worldwide expansion. This partnership follows closely on the heels of other high-profile deals in key regions like North America, Latin America (LatAm), and Africa. Pariplay®’s commitment to establishing a global footprint positions it as a key player in the competitive online gaming industry.

Insights from Pariplay® and ComeOn Group

Andrew Maclean, VP of Sales at Pariplay, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “ComeOn Group is one of the foremost operator groups in Europe, and this is an important agreement for us. We believe that we will deliver a games portfolio that speaks directly to player appetites through the Fusion® aggregation platform, starting with our own Wizard Games content. It’s fantastic to be able to welcome ComeOn Group as a valued partner, and we look forward to a bright future working together.”

Cristiano Blanco, Chief Product Officer at ComeOn Group, shared his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are excited to be partnering up with Pariplay® to expand and build on our portfolio and range of titles, as we continue to enhance the entertainment offering for our customer base. We are always looking for partners that put a safe entertainment experience at the forefront of their business, which we feel we have found in Pariplay as a partner. We look forward to going live next year and look forward to how our customers react to the range of premium content.”

The Future Landscape of Online Gaming

As the online gaming landscape evolves, strategic partnerships like the one between Pariplay® and ComeOn Group are indicative of the industry’s dynamic nature. These collaborations not only introduce players to diverse gaming options but also pave the way for innovation in technology and user experience.

What Sets Fusion® Apart?

Pariplay®’s Fusion® platform distinguishes itself by offering an expansive selection of games, coupled with advanced back-office tools. This combination of content and technology ensures that operators can deliver a seamless and engaging gaming experience to their users.

Benefits for ComeOn Group’s Brands

ComeOn Group’s decision to integrate Pariplay®’s content underscores a commitment to enriching its gaming portfolio. The inclusion of games from Wizard Games and subsequent suppliers on the Fusion® platform is poised to captivate players, providing them with an extensive and diverse range of entertainment options.

Global Expansion Strategy

Pariplay®’s recent forays into North America, LatAm, and Africa underscore its strategic approach to global expansion. By aligning with key operators like ComeOn Group, Pariplay® is solidifying its presence in crucial markets, fostering growth, and ensuring that its innovative gaming solutions reach a broader audience.

Looking Ahead: The Pariplay® and ComeOn Group Collaboration Timeline

The timeline for the Pariplay® and ComeOn Group collaboration is set to unfold in stages. The initial integration of Wizard Games content marks the beginning, with subsequent phases featuring additional suppliers from the Fusion® platform. This phased approach ensures a smooth transition and allows both parties to maximize the impact of the partnership.


The collaboration between Pariplay® and ComeOn Group signals a new chapter in the world of online gaming. As players anticipate an enriched gaming experience, operators are gearing up to deliver innovative and engaging content. Pariplay®’s Fusion® platform, with its diverse game offerings and advanced tools, is at the forefront of this transformation, driving the industry towards a more dynamic and player-centric future.


What is Pariplay®’s Fusion® platform?
Pariplay®’s Fusion® platform is a comprehensive gaming solution known for its extensive array of games and advanced back-office tools, offering added value for operators.

How will the collaboration impact ComeOn Group’s brands?
The collaboration will enrich ComeOn Group’s gaming portfolio by integrating content from Pariplay®’s in-house studio, Wizard Games, and subsequently from other suppliers on the Fusion® platform.

What regions has Pariplay® recently expanded into?
Pariplay® has recently expanded its presence in North America, Latin America (LatAm), and Africa through high-profile deals.

Why is the ComeOn Group partnership significant for Pariplay®?
ComeOn Group is recognized as one of the foremost operator groups in Europe, making the partnership crucial for Pariplay®’s continued global expansion.

What makes Fusion® a preferred choice for operators?
Fusion® stands out for its versatility, offering a holistic gaming experience with a diverse selection of games and advanced back-office tools.

How will the collaboration impact the user experience for players?
Players can expect an enhanced gaming experience with a broader range of entertainment options as a result of the collaboration between Pariplay® and ComeOn Group.

What is the phased approach in the collaboration timeline?
The collaboration will unfold in stages, beginning with the integration of Wizard Games content, followed by subsequent roll-outs featuring additional suppliers from the Fusion® platform.

How does Pariplay® contribute to a safer entertainment experience?
Pariplay® prioritizes a safe entertainment experience, aligning with partners like ComeOn Group who share this commitment.

What role does technology play in the online gaming landscape?
Strategic partnerships, like the one between Pariplay® and ComeOn Group, highlight the role of technology in driving innovation and enhancing user experience in the online gaming industry.

When can we expect the collaboration to go live?
The collaboration is set to go live next year, promising an exciting array of premium content for customers to explore.


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