Playson Expand Presence with

Playson Expand Presence with

Playson, a rapidly expanding digital entertainment supplier, has secured a significant partnership with, a prominent casino and hotel giant in Portugal. This collaboration aims to enrich the online gaming experience for Portuguese players by integrating Playson’s diverse portfolio of over 80 games into Solverde’s online casino platform.

Expanding Horizons: Playson's Venture into Portugal

In a strategic move to penetrate deeper into the Portuguese market, Playson has joined forces with, a leading name in the country’s online gambling industry. This partnership signifies Playson’s commitment to broadening its presence across Europe, following a trajectory of notable growth and success in the region.

A Glance at Portugal’s Premier Online Casino stands as the largest online casino platform in Portugal, boasting a formidable collection of more than 2,000 games sourced from over 20 renowned studios. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, continues to set benchmarks in the Portuguese iGaming landscape.

Enhancing’s Game Selection

The integration of Playson’s premium game portfolio is set to enhance’s already extensive game library. Players can anticipate access to popular titles from Playson’s iconic Hold and Win series, including favorites such as 3 Pots Riches, Energy Coins, and Fire Coins. This collaboration promises to elevate the gaming experience for’s discerning clientele.

Playson's Perspective: Commitment to Quality and Expansion

Blanka Homor, Sales Director at Playson, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier gaming content to Portuguese players. With over three years of presence in the Portuguese market, Playson remains steadfast in its mission to provide innovative and captivating gaming experiences.'s Vision: Elevating Player Experience

Sérgio Pascoal, Head of R&D at Solverde, echoed the sentiment of excitement, highlighting the importance of continually enhancing the platform’s gaming offerings. By integrating Playson’s highly sought-after slots, aims to cater to the evolving preferences of its customers, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable gaming environment.

The Road Ahead: Playson’s Growth Trajectory

The partnership with marks another milestone in Playson’s journey of expansion and innovation. With a focus on regulated markets and strategic collaborations, Playson continues to solidify its position as a leading provider of premium gaming content in Europe and beyond.


In conclusion, the partnership between Playson and marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Portugal’s online gaming landscape. With Playson’s premium game portfolio now integrated into’s platform, players can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience filled with excitement and innovation. This collaboration not only underscores Playson’s commitment to expansion and quality but also highlights’s dedication to providing its customers with top-tier entertainment. As both companies continue to innovate and grow, Portuguese players can expect nothing short of excellence in their online gaming endeavors.


What is the significance of Playson’s partnership with
Playson’s collaboration with represents a strategic move to expand its presence in Portugal’s thriving online gambling market, offering players access to its premium game portfolio.

What can players expect from the integration of Playson’s games into
Players can anticipate access to a diverse range of engaging titles, including popular slots from Playson’s Hold and Win series, enhancing their gaming experience on’s platform.

How does stand out in Portugal’s online casino industry? is renowned as Portugal’s largest online casino platform, boasting a vast collection of over 2,000 games from various studios and maintaining a reputation for excellence and innovation.

What does Playson’s Sales Director, Blanka Homor, emphasize about the partnership?
Blanka Homor underscores Playson’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming content to Portuguese players, reflecting the company’s dedication to expansion and innovation.

What is’s objective in integrating Playson’s games?
By incorporating Playson’s highly sought-after slots, aims to enrich its gaming offerings, catering to the evolving preferences of its customer base and ensuring a captivating gaming experience.

How does Playson view its growth trajectory in the European market?
Playson continues to focus on regulated markets and strategic partnerships to fuel its growth trajectory, solidifying its position as a leading provider of premium gaming content in Europe.

What are some of the popular titles from Playson’s Hold and Win series?
Titles such as 3 Pots Riches, Energy Coins, and Fire Coins are among the favorites from Playson’s iconic Hold and Win series, known for their creative gameplay and innovative features.

How long has Playson been operating in the Portuguese market?
Playson has been offering its engaging games to players in Portugal for over three years, establishing a presence and garnering a loyal player base in the country.

What sets apart from other online casinos in Portugal? distinguishes itself through its extensive game library, commitment to innovation, and reputation for providing a superior gaming experience to its users.

What is the ultimate goal of the partnership between Playson and
The partnership aims to mutually benefit both parties by providing Portuguese players with access to high-quality gaming content while further establishing Playson’s foothold in the Portuguese market.


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