Pragmatic Play Expands with bet365 Partnership

Pragmatic Play Expands with bet365 Partnership

In iGaming industry, Pragmatic Play, a leading content supplier, has further strengthened its partnership with the global giant bet365. This expansion unfolds in two pivotal European territories, emphasizing the strategic growth and collaboration between these two influential entities.

Spain Beckons Pragmatic Play's Premium Titles

The first leg of this expansion takes place in Spain, where Pragmatic Play has introduced a selection of its premier Slot titles. Spanish customers now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrilling gameplay of renowned titles such as Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush, Big Bass Bonanza, and Sweet Bonanza.

Diversifying the Gaming Experience in Sweden

In tandem with the Spanish expansion, Pragmatic Play has rolled out its extensive product portfolio in Sweden in collaboration with bet365. Players in this Nordic country can now indulge in a diverse array of Slot titles, coupled with the immersive experience of Pragmatic Play’s engaging live games, including Mega Wheel and Boom City. Additionally, the award-winning bingo solution is poised to make its debut in the Swedish market, further enriching the gaming landscape.

Building on Success: A Continuation of Partnerships

This recent foray into Spain and Sweden signifies the ongoing success and expansion of the partnership between Pragmatic Play and bet365. This collaboration has already left its mark with previous agreements in both the UK and Ontario, establishing a track record of fruitful collaboration and strategic market penetration.

Insights from Pragmatic Play's COO

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, expressed her enthusiasm about the expanding presence in Spain and Sweden. She highlighted the significance of this expansion, not only in terms of solidifying the partnership with bet365 but also in meeting the escalating demand for Pragmatic Play’s premium Slots and Live Casino content. Cornides emphasized that this is an exciting period for both companies as they continue to flourish in key regulated markets.

bet365's Perspective

A spokesperson from bet365 conveyed pride in extending their partnership with Pragmatic Play into the Spanish and Swedish markets. The spokesperson emphasized how Pragmatic Play’s portfolio, known for its innovation and awards, seamlessly aligns with bet365’s product offering. The addition of Pragmatic Play is seen as a valuable enhancement for bet365 customers in both Spain and Sweden.


As Pragmatic Play and bet365 deepen their collaboration, the expansion into Spain and Sweden emerges as a pivotal step in their shared journey. The introduction of premium gaming content in these European markets not only enriches the gaming experience for consumers but also underscores the global impact of these industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key European territories where Pragmatic Play and bet365 expanded their partnership?
Pragmatic Play expanded into Spain and Sweden.

Which Pragmatic Play Slot titles are now available to Spanish customers?
Spanish customers can enjoy titles such as Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush, Big Bass Bonanza, and Sweet Bonanza.

What live games has Pragmatic Play introduced in Sweden?
Pragmatic Play has introduced live games such as Mega Wheel and Boom City in Sweden.

In addition to Slots and live games, what other offering will soon go live in the Swedish market?
Pragmatic Play’s award-winning bingo solution is set to go live in the Swedish market.

Where else has Pragmatic Play expanded its partnership with bet365 prior to the recent expansions?
Pragmatic Play and bet365 had previous agreements in both the UK and Ontario.

How does Pragmatic Play’s COO, Irina Cornides, characterize the partnership expansion?
Irina Cornides sees the expansion as a testament to the strength of the partnership and the growing demand for premium content in key regulated markets.

What does bet365’s spokesperson say about Pragmatic Play’s portfolio?
The spokesperson expresses pride in extending the partnership and highlights how Pragmatic Play’s innovative and award-winning content aligns seamlessly with bet365’s product offering.

What is the significance of the collaboration between Pragmatic Play and bet365?
The collaboration signifies a strategic move to penetrate key markets, with a focus on enriching the gaming experience for consumers.

How has the partnership between Pragmatic Play and bet365 been characterized in terms of success?
The partnership has been characterized by success, with previous agreements in both the UK and Ontario contributing to a track record of fruitful collaboration.

How does the recent expansion into Spain and Sweden impact bet365 customers?
The expansion enhances the gaming experience for bet365 customers in both Spain and Sweden, introducing them to a diverse array of premium gaming content.


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