Salsa Adds Air Dice Games to Its Platform

Salsa Adds Air Dice Games to Its Platform

Salsa Technology is thrilled to announce a new content partnership with the distinguished Finnish dice game and online casino provider, Air Dice. This strategic collaboration is set to enhance the gaming experience for players across Latin America and beyond, integrating Air Dice’s high-quality content into Salsa Gator, Salsa Technology’s premier content aggregator.

Expansion of Salsa Gator’s Portfolio

As part of this exciting partnership, the well-respected Dice Crafter and Probability Jones studios, both under the Air Dice group, will also see their games become available through Salsa Gator. Air Dice’s leading title, Mega Top Shot, along with Dice Crafter’s Star Shine and Probability Jones’ Flaming Bombs, will be among the initial offerings. These titles are known for their innovative gameplay and captivating design, which are expected to resonate well with Salsa Technology’s diverse audience.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence

Each studio within the Air Dice group has cultivated a strong reputation for delivering diverse and engaging gaming experiences. The combined portfolio includes more than 50 unique games, each designed to provide players with exciting and immersive experiences. These games range from classic dice games to more complex and innovative offerings, ensuring there is something for every type of player.

Statements from Key Leaders

Eliane Nunes, Head of Marketing & Sales at Salsa Technology, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “Air Dice offers an assortment of both classic and groundbreaking games across its three brands that will fit perfectly within our Salsa Gator offering. Our market-leading position in LatAm means these player-centric titles will be given the audience they deserve.”

Echoing this sentiment, Rocio Moitino, Sales Director for LatAm and spokesperson for Air Dice, stated: “Absolutely thrilled to share our ongoing growth through the partnership between Air Dice and Salsa! This collaboration truly marks a significant milestone for both companies as we come together to innovate and deliver even more captivating gaming experiences to our customers. I’m eagerly looking forward to what the future holds.”

Leveraging Market Leadership

Salsa Technology has established itself as a leader in the Latin American market, offering a comprehensive platform that supports a wide range of gaming content. The integration of Air Dice’s portfolio is a strategic move to further solidify Salsa Technology’s position as a top content aggregator. The partnership will allow Salsa Technology to provide an even more varied and engaging selection of games to its operators, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players in the region.

About Air Dice

Founded in Finland, Air Dice is renowned for its innovative approach to dice games and online casino content. The company’s commitment to quality and creativity has earned it a loyal following among players and operators alike. By constantly pushing the boundaries of game design, Air Dice continues to set new standards in the industry.

Dice Crafter and Probability Jones: Industry Pioneers

Dice Crafter and Probability Jones, both part of the Air Dice group, have made significant contributions to the gaming industry with their distinctive game designs and engaging gameplay mechanics. Dice Crafter’s Star Shine is celebrated for its dynamic features and visually stunning graphics, while Probability Jones’ Flaming Bombs is known for its explosive gameplay and innovative bonus features.

The Future of Gaming

The partnership between Salsa Technology and Air Dice is more than just a business agreement; it is a commitment to enhancing the future of online gaming. Both companies share a vision of delivering high-quality, innovative gaming experiences that captivate and entertain players. This collaboration is expected to bring about new opportunities for growth and development in the gaming industry.

Benefits for Operators and Players

For operators, the addition of Air Dice’s content to Salsa Gator means access to a broader range of high-quality games, which can help attract and retain players. For players, this partnership promises a more diverse gaming experience, with access to some of the best dice games and online casino content available on the market.

Looking Ahead

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, partnerships like the one between Salsa Technology and Air Dice are crucial for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. Both companies are poised to benefit from this collaboration, as they work together to deliver the next generation of gaming experiences to players around the world.


The partnership between Salsa Technology and Air Dice marks a significant step forward in the online gaming industry, promising to deliver an enhanced and diverse gaming experience to players. By integrating Air Dice’s innovative games into Salsa Gator, Salsa Technology is poised to further solidify its leadership in the Latin American market. This collaboration not only enriches the content offering for operators but also aligns with both companies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation. As this partnership unfolds, it is expected to set new standards in the industry and open up exciting new opportunities for growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salsa Technology?
Salsa Technology is a leading gaming platform provider specializing in online casino content and solutions for operators in the Latin American market.

Who is Air Dice?
Air Dice is a Finnish company known for creating innovative dice games and online casino content, with a portfolio that includes titles from Dice Crafter and Probability Jones.

What is Salsa Gator?
Salsa Gator is Salsa Technology’s premier content aggregator platform that offers a diverse range of high-quality gaming content to operators.

What are some of the games included in the partnership?
The partnership will feature Air Dice’s Mega Top Shot, Dice Crafter’s Star Shine, and Probability Jones’ Flaming Bombs, among others.

How will this partnership benefit players?
Players will enjoy a more diverse and engaging gaming experience, with access to high-quality dice games and online casino content from Air Dice.

How will operators benefit from this partnership?
Operators will have access to a broader range of high-quality games, which can help attract and retain players, ultimately boosting their business.

Why is the Latin American market significant for this partnership?
Salsa Technology has a strong presence in the Latin American market, and this partnership allows them to enhance their offerings and maintain their leading position in the region.

What makes Air Dice’s games unique?
Air Dice’s games are known for their innovative gameplay, high-quality graphics, and engaging features, which set them apart in the online gaming industry.

What is the future outlook for this partnership?
The partnership is expected to bring new opportunities for growth and innovation, benefiting both companies and the gaming industry as a whole.

How does this partnership align with Salsa Technology’s goals?
This partnership aligns with Salsa Technology’s goal of providing diverse and high-quality gaming content to its operators, enhancing the overall player experience and solidifying its market leadership.


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