SEO Case Study – Beauty Or Hair Salon

SEO Case Study - Beauty Or Hair Salon

Prior to Us

Evelyn Kershaw Hair Salon approached us in January 2020, looking to improve their online presence, increase organic rankings, and attract more clients to their website. Despite having some online presence, they had 0 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines at the time of signing on for our SEO services.

Our Approach

To help Evelyn Kershaw Hair Salon achieve their goals, we took a comprehensive approach. First, we conducted extensive keyword research to identify how potential customers were searching. Then, we designed and implemented an SEO campaign that included on-page and off-page optimization around their targeted keyword terms. We also ensured that all business information, such as name, address, and phone number, was correct, complete, and consistent across key sites like Google My Business and Bing Local. Lastly, we developed and distributed SEO-friendly content on relevant websites.

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SEO Case Study - Beauty Or Hair Salon
After 3 Months

Evelyn Kershaw Hair Salon’s website went from ranking for 0 keywords on Page 1 of results to ranking for 12 keywords on the first page.

April 2020
After 12 Months

After 12 months, the website ranked for 33 keywords on the first page of search engines.

Jan 2021
By April 2023

Evelyn Kershaw Hair Salon now ranks on the first page of search engines for an impressive 67 keywords.

April 2023

Google My Business


Total views received in last 30 days (1.5k Listing Search, 846 Listing Maps)

Total Views

Total Actions in last 30 days (290 Website Visits, 95 Request Directions, 166 Calls)

Total Actions

Google Search Console Data


Increase in clicks. 433 clicks received in last 1 month.


Increase in impressions. 66.2K impressions received in last 1 month.

Google Analytics data


Increase in Overall Website Traffic. 1,147 Overall visits received in last 1 month.


Increase in Google Organic Session. 807 Organic visits received in last 1 month.


Increase in Website Pageviews. 2,254 Pageviews received in last 1 month.

*Major Search Engines defined as Google and Bing

Final Thoughts

The success of Evelyn Kershaw Hair Salon’s SEO campaign is a testament to our expert approach. By identifying how potential customers were searching, implementing targeted keyword strategies, ensuring accurate business information across key sites, and distributing SEO-friendly content, we were able to significantly improve their online presence and increase their reach to potential clients.


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