SMO Case Study – Boat Dealership Business

SMO Case Study - Boat Dealership Business


Our client, a luxury boat dealership specializing in high-end boats, faced the challenge of targeting individuals in high-income groups. Our team developed a customized strategy to tackle this obstacle, and the results were impressive. Within a short period of time, we saw an increase in leads and drove sales.


Our objective was to generate high-quality leads that would ultimately drive sales for the luxury boat dealership, maximizing the return on investment (ROI) and click-through rate (CTR).

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SMO Case Study - Boat Dealership Business

Our Approach

We designed and implemented a comprehensive social media strategy, managing Facebook and Instagram. Our on-page Facebook lead campaign utilized a combination of ad copies, including single image and carousel ads, to effectively reach our target audience.


The lead generation campaign we implemented resulted in a substantial increase in the number of high-quality leads. We’re thrilled to have helped our client achieve their goals and drive sales for their luxury boat dealership.


Campaign Performance Comparison

Boat Dealership Business - December 2022
Boat Dealership Business - January 2023
Boat Dealership Business - February 2023

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