SMO Case Study – Cosmetic Surgery Business

SMO Case Study - Cosmetic Surgery Business


Generating leads while keeping advertising costs low can be challenging, especially when advertising for businesses in the medical industry with strict advertising policies. This was the challenge faced by our team at SMO when working with a cosmetic surgery business client, who wanted to generate leads with a low ad spend of $5/day.

To add to the challenge, the client’s business belonged to the medical industry, which meant that Facebook’s advertising policies, particularly the nudity factor, posed an obstacle. Despite these challenges, our team at SMO was determined to deliver the results our client needed.

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SMO Case Study - Cosmetic Surgery Business

Solution & Process

We began the campaigns by testing different ads with various headlines and descriptions. As a result, we saw a gradual increase in leads every month, and the ads’ performance improved over time. To further decrease the cost per lead, we implemented additional strategies, including creating call-to-action ad contents, using appealing ad banners, and employing appropriate targeting.

We also added pixel code for retargeting to track actions taken on the website and paused non-performing ads. Additionally, we created a custom audience of website traffic and a lookalike audience from the leads generated in May and June, thereby increasing the return on investment for the ads. Daily optimizations and A/B testing were also conducted to boost the results.


Over time, we saw a steady increase in the number of leads. The cost per lead remained consistent in generating new leads, while we also played safely in regards to Facebook’s advertising policies. We were able to maintain the cost per lead up to $5/day, which was a significant achievement for our team and the client.

Our success in generating leads while keeping advertising costs low highlights the importance of using multiple strategies, particularly for businesses operating in the medical industry with strict advertising policies. By employing creative tactics and staying persistent, our team was able to achieve the desired results for our cosmetic surgery business client.


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