Instagram is not just a platform for posting selfies and food pics – it has become one of the most engaging social media platforms for businesses. It provides a creative and original environment for businesses to share their stories with a vast audience.

In June 2021, we had a client who dealt in top-notch dining and handcrafted cocktails, and we were tasked with setting up their Instagram profile from scratch.


Our first step was to add company details, contact information, and some content. We included a short description of the services, website link, and office address for easy access to additional information. We also utilized the ‘Call’, ‘Email’, and ‘Directions’ buttons to give Instagram users easy access to contact information. We then shared our first posts, which featured images of their food and drinks.

Audience-Building Content Strategy

With the basics covered, we developed an audience-building content strategy. We created unique posts with appealing graphics and shared one post per day, including maximum hashtags to reach different audiences. This strategy allowed us to reach different groups of users who follow those hashtags for the content, and also gave profile visitors an in-depth look at our client’s business. As a result, we saw a gradual increase in followers.

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This Instagram strategy is a clear example of how small to medium-sized local businesses can benefit from utilizing Instagram organically. Regular sharing of organic content not only delights current followers but also attracts new ones and helps in branding and customer loyalty.


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