Spinomenal Expands through ELITBET.bg

Spinomenal Expands through ELITBET.bg

Spinomenal, a trailblazing iGaming content provider, has inked a significant content collaboration deal with ELITBET.bg, a prominent operator in Bulgaria. This strategic move aims to fortify Spinomenal’s presence and influence in the Bulgarian online gaming landscape. The collaboration facilitates the integration of Spinomenal’s extensive library of casino titles into ELITBET.bg’s platform, powered by the renowned SoftSwiss.

Elevating ELITBET.bg's Online Presence

ELITBET.bg, a stalwart in the land-based casino realm, is rapidly emerging as a dominant force in the digital arena of casino, sports, eSports, and virtual gambling. The infusion of Spinomenal’s stellar suite of casino titles is poised to inject fresh momentum into ELITBET.bg’s expansion strategy. Players on the platform can now access an array of captivating gaming experiences.

Unveiling Spinomenal's Gems

Among the noteworthy Spinomenal titles making their debut on ELITBET.bg’s online casino platform are the likes of “Wolf Fang,” “1 Reel Demi Gods II,” and “Majestic Winter.” These renowned titles are set to enrich the gaming offerings and provide players with immersive and entertaining experiences.

CEO Perspectives

Lior Shvartz, CEO of Spinomenal, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “ELITBET.bg has long been a commanding land-based presence in Bulgaria, and we’re very happy to strike a partnership to support its online progression. Our games will sit perfectly within ELITBET.bg’s online casino offering and help them continue to provide exceptional gaming experiences.”

Viktor Kirilov, CEO of ELITBET.bg, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Spinomenal is a modern provider with very strong knowledge in the field and a lot of attractive titles. We are delighted that our partnership is now a fact. ELITBET.bg aims to deliver players a spectacular experience in every category of the website. With Spinomenal as our partner, we can rest assured that we are on the right track to fulfilling our big goal of being among the most successful and recognizable betting companies in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.”

Exploring Spinomenal's Innovative Universe

Spinomenal distinguishes itself as a content, innovation, and technology provider in the online casino industry. Boasting a portfolio of over 300 HTML5 games, the company consistently renews its offerings with 10-12 new releases monthly. This rapid pace positions Spinomenal as one of the fastest-growing content providers in the industry.

The Unique Universe Concept

At the core of Spinomenal’s offerings is its innovative and unique Universe concept. This concept adds depth to the games with narratives and additional features. Spinomenal’s Slots, Scratch Cards, and Table Games are characterized by their light, fast, and easy-to-play nature, ensuring an enjoyable experience for players. The company’s focus on quality graphics and intriguing features underscores its commitment to maximum fun for players. Spinomenal’s suite of products provides a holistic solution for operators seeking top-tier content.

ELITBET.bg: A Brand with Tradition and Vision

Established in 2001, ELITBET.bg has evolved into a dynamic company populated by ambitious, creative, and vibrant individuals. Rooted in the traditions of the industry as the largest national network of gaming halls in Bulgaria, ELITBET.bg is poised to conquer the online realms of casino, sports, eSports, and virtual gambling.

A Fusion of Experience and Modernity

The team at ELITBET.bg embodies a perfect blend of experience and modernity. Open-minded and with a clear vision for the future of the industry, the company is ready to make a mark in the digital space. Entertainment, gambling, sports, gaming, and technology are the focal points that drive the passion of everyone at ELITBET.bg. The company’s goal is to achieve greater recognition while maintaining its unique style.

Player-Centric Mission

ELITBET.bg is attuned to the desires of players, and its online presence is a testament to its mission of turning players’ dreams into reality. The company’s online casino is expanding steadily, and the partnership with Spinomenal is deemed a significant catalyst for its ongoing development.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the nature of the collaboration between Spinomenal and ELITBET.bg?
The collaboration involves integrating Spinomenal’s extensive library of casino titles into ELITBET.bg’s online platform.

Which titles from Spinomenal are being introduced to ELITBET.bg’s online casino offering?
Some notable titles include Wolf Fang, 1 Reel Demi Gods II, and Majestic Winter.

What is Spinomenal’s unique Universe concept?
The Universe concept adds depth to games with narratives and additional features, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How frequently does Spinomenal update its game portfolio?
Spinomenal renews its portfolio monthly, introducing 10-12 new releases to remain one of the fastest-growing content providers in the industry.

What distinguishes ELITBET.bg in the gaming industry?
ELITBET.bg is recognized for its extensive land-based presence and is now making strides in the online realms of casino, sports, eSports, and virtual gambling.

When was ELITBET.bg founded, and what is its mission?
Established in 2001, ELITBET.bg aims to deliver a spectacular experience in every category, turning players’ dreams into reality.

How does ELITBET.bg describe its team and approach to the industry?
ELITBET.bg’s team is described as ambitious, creative, and modern, with a vision for the future of the gaming industry.

What is the focus of Spinomenal’s suite of products for operators?
Spinomenal’s suite of products provides a holistic solution for operators, emphasizing quality graphics and intriguing features for maximum player enjoyment.

How does ELITBET.bg plan to achieve recognition in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe?
ELITBET.bg aims to achieve recognition by maintaining a unique style and leveraging strategic partnerships, such as the one with Spinomenal.

What are the key elements of Spinomenal’s games that contribute to player enjoyment?
Spinomenal’s games are characterized by being light, fast, and easy to play anywhere, with a focus on quality graphics and intriguing features designed for maximum fun.


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