Superbet Forms Partnership with Wisła Kraków

Superbet Forms Partnership with Wisła Kraków

@Superbet, a prominent player in the European #Betting industry, has recently announced a landmark partnership with the legendary Polish #football club, @WisłaKraków. This collaboration is set to foster a deeper connection between the club and its #DevotedFanbase, promising significant benefits for both parties involved.

Wisła Kraków: A Storied Legacy

Founded in 1906, Wisła Kraków is one of the most historic and successful football clubs in Poland. The team has clinched the Polish championship title thirteen times and has a long-standing tradition of excellence on the field. Known for its passionate supporters and rich history, Wisła Kraków has been a cornerstone of Polish football culture for over a century.

Partnership Overview

The newly formed partnership between Superbet and Wisła Kraków is not just a typical sponsorship deal. It introduces an innovative approach that allows fans to play a direct role in supporting the club’s future. By registering an account with a dedicated fan code, supporters can ensure that a portion of their activities on the Superbet platform directly benefits the club’s academy. This initiative is designed to nurture young talent and secure the club’s legacy for years to come.

Statements from Key Figures

Lukasz Seweryniak, the General Manager of Superbet Poland, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We consider this partnership a key milestone for our brand and view it as a long-term commitment, with the agreement in place until at least 2027. We have no doubt that we are now sponsoring one of the most important clubs in Polish football, and we believe the club will soon reclaim its rightful place. We want to be part of this journey and, together with the fans, write a new and fantastic chapter in our brand’s history.”

Jaroslaw Krolewski, president of Wisła Kraków SA, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the significance of the collaboration: “We are delighted that Superbet is joining the sponsors of Wisła Kraków! It is tremendous support and motivation for our further development. Thanks to Superbet, we can set even more ambitious sports and development goals. I am particularly pleased that our business partner is a company with such a talented team of people. Together, it will be great.”

Impact on Wisła Kraków’s Future

The partnership with Superbet is expected to have a substantial impact on Wisła Kraków’s future, both on and off the field. Financially, the deal will provide essential resources that can be used to enhance the club’s facilities, invest in player development, and support community engagement initiatives. The club’s academy, a critical component of its long-term strategy, will particularly benefit from the direct contributions generated through fan participation.

Fan Engagement and Community Involvement

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the focus on fan engagement. By giving supporters a tangible way to contribute to the club’s success, Superbet and Wisła Kraków are fostering a deeper sense of community and loyalty. Fans will not only be cheering from the stands but also playing an active role in the club’s development. This innovative approach is likely to set a new standard for how sports sponsorships can engage and empower supporters.

Superbet’s Commitment to Sports

Superbet’s collaboration with Wisła Kraków is a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting sports at all levels. Known for its robust presence in the betting industry, Superbet has consistently invested in various sports partnerships, enhancing the experience for fans and contributing to the growth of sports organizations. This partnership with Wisła Kraków underscores Superbet’s dedication to fostering talent and supporting the communities where it operates.

Long-Term Vision

The agreement between Superbet and Wisła Kraków is set to last until at least 2027, signaling a long-term commitment from both parties. This extended timeframe allows for the development of comprehensive plans and strategies aimed at achieving sustained success. It also provides stability and confidence, ensuring that both the club and its supporters can look forward to a prosperous future.

Looking Ahead

As Wisła Kraków embarks on this new chapter, the support from Superbet will be crucial in achieving its ambitious goals. The club aims to return to the pinnacle of Polish football, competing for titles and nurturing the next generation of talent. With the backing of Superbet and the active participation of its passionate fanbase, Wisła Kraków is well-positioned to reclaim its status as a dominant force in Polish football.


The partnership between Superbet and Wisła Kraków represents a significant milestone in the club’s history. It is a collaboration that blends tradition with innovation, offering exciting opportunities for fan engagement and long-term success. As both entities work together towards a common goal, the future looks bright for Wisła Kraków and its supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the partnership between Superbet and Wisła Kraków?
The partnership marks a significant milestone, providing financial support and engaging fans in new ways to benefit the club’s future.

How will fans participate in supporting Wisła Kraków through this partnership?
Fans can register an account with a dedicated fan code on the Superbet platform, which will directly benefit the club’s academy.

Who are the key figures involved in the partnership announcement?
Lukasz Seweryniak, General Manager of Superbet Poland, and Jaroslaw Krolewski, president of Wisła Kraków SA, announced the partnership.

What are the long-term goals of this partnership?
The partnership aims to support Wisła Kraków’s development, enhance fan engagement, and secure the club’s success until at least 2027.

How will this partnership impact Wisła Kraków’s academy?
The club’s academy will benefit from financial contributions generated through fan participation, aiding in the development of young talent.

Why is Superbet interested in sponsoring Wisła Kraków?
Superbet sees this as a key milestone and a long-term commitment to support one of the most important clubs in Polish football.

What are the expected benefits for Wisła Kraków from this partnership?
The partnership will provide essential resources for the club’s facilities, player development, and community engagement initiatives.

How will this partnership enhance fan engagement?
The partnership introduces a new way for fans to actively contribute to the club’s success, fostering a deeper sense of community and loyalty.

What does the long-term vision of the partnership entail?
The agreement, lasting until at least 2027, aims to achieve sustained success through comprehensive plans and strategies.

What role does Superbet play in the sports industry?
Superbet is known for its robust presence in the betting industry and its consistent investment in various sports partnerships to enhance fan experiences and support sports organizations.


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