Swintt Expands with Uniclub.lt

Swintt Expands with Uniclub.lt

To enhance its presence in Lithuania, prominent software provider Swintt has solidified a strategic partnership with the newly established casino and sports betting platform, Uniclub.lt. This collaboration comes almost a year after Swintt initially entered the Lithuanian market and signifies a substantial expansion of its footprint in the region.

Uniclub's Journey

Originally known as UAB Unigames since 2001, the company has built a commendable reputation in Eastern Europe, primarily recognized for its array of land-based slot machines. Further boosting its visibility, the company sponsors the Lithuanian Basketball League team Uniclub Casino – Juventus. However, recognizing the evolving landscape, the company has recently ventured into the digital realm with the launch of the Uniclub.lt platform.

The Partnership Unveiled

The partnership between Swintt and Uniclub is poised to bring a fresh wave of excitement to Lithuanian players. Uniclub will now have the privilege of offering a diverse range of games, including the highly acclaimed SwinttGames and SwinttPremium releases, providing players with a captivating blend of classic and next-gen slots.

SwinttGames: Where Innovation Meets Entertainment

The SwinttGames lineup is distinguished by state-of-the-art graphics, immersive soundscapes, and captivating bonus features. Among the notable additions to Uniclub’s platform is Swintt’s flagship release, Aloha Spirit XtraLock, celebrated for its innovative Tiki bonus round that offers players the chance to win substantial prizes.

SwinttPremium: A Classic Gaming Experience

For enthusiasts of classic gaming experiences, SwinttPremium delivers a portfolio of games featuring familiar fruit-themed symbols, straightforward mechanics, and easily triggered free spins features. Noteworthy titles in this category, soon to grace Uniclub’s platform, include Seven Books Unlimited and the popular Win-O-Rama series, with special emphasis on the new Win-O-Rama XL Extended.

Anticipated Rollout

With an extensive selection of games set to be introduced on Uniclub.lt in the coming weeks, the partnership is poised to benefit both Swintt and Uniclub significantly. Uniclub will elevate its offering with an expanded software portfolio, while Swintt will further strengthen its market presence in Eastern Europe.

Insights from Industry Leaders

David Mann, the Chief Executive Officer for Swintt, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Although Swintt has been present in the Lithuanian market for roughly a year now, we’re always on the lookout for new business opportunities that will expand our network and increase the number of new customers we’re able to connect with.”

Martynas Matulevicius, the Chief Executive Officer for Uniclub.lt, shared similar sentiments, noting, “Given the amazing growth it has enjoyed over the past couple of years, Swintt definitely fits this criterion, and we’re delighted to now be able to offer its games to our Lithuanian customers.”


As Swintt and Uniclub forge this strategic alliance, the landscape of online gaming in Lithuania is set to evolve. Players can anticipate a richer and more diverse gaming experience, while the industry witnesses the seamless collaboration of two entities committed to excellence.


When did Swintt enter the Lithuanian market?
Swintt entered the Lithuanian market approximately a year ago.

What is the history of UAB Unigames in Lithuania?
UAB Unigames, in operation since 2001, is well-known in Lithuania for its collection of land-based slot machines and sponsorship of the Uniclub Casino – Juventus basketball team.

What distinguishes SwinttGames from other releases?
SwinttGames are characterized by state-of-the-art graphics, unique themes, and exciting bonus features, providing players with an immersive gaming experience.

Can you highlight a standout release from Swintt’s portfolio?
Aloha Spirit XtraLock is Swintt’s most successful release, featuring an innovative Tiki bonus round that offers players the chance to win substantial prizes.

What does the SwinttPremium lineup offer to players?
SwinttPremium offers classic games with familiar fruit-themed symbols, simple mechanics, and easy-to-trigger free spins features.

Which titles from SwinttPremium will be available on Uniclub’s platform?
Notable releases include Seven Books Unlimited and the popular Win-O-Rama series, particularly the new Win-O-Rama XL Extended.

How will the partnership benefit Uniclub?
The partnership allows Uniclub to expand its software offering, providing players with a broader selection of games.

What is the CEO of Swintt, David Mann’s perspective on the partnership?
David Mann expressed excitement about expanding their network and connecting with new customers through this collaboration with Uniclub.

How does Uniclub.lt aim to replicate its offline success online?
Uniclub.lt aims to replicate its success by joining forces with industry-leading providers, with Swintt identified as a fitting partner.

What can players expect in the coming weeks on Uniclub.lt?
Uniclub.lt is set to introduce a wide choice of SwinttGames and Premium releases in the coming weeks, enhancing the gaming experience for its customers.


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