Thunderkick Expands Reach with Paf

Thunderkick Expands Reach with Paf Partnership

Thunderkick, an independent studio renowned for its innovative games, has struck a deal with Paf, a prominent operator in the region. This partnership marks a milestone in Thunderkick’s expansion strategy, enhancing its foothold in one of Europe’s key markets.

Thunderkick and Paf: A Collaboration for Enhanced Gaming

Thunderkick, known for its cutting-edge game development, has reached an agreement with Paf, a leading gaming operator in Spain. This collaboration will see an expanded offering of Thunderkick’s acclaimed titles to a broader audience, enriching the gaming landscape in the Spanish market.

A Closer Look at Thunderkick's Portfolio

With this partnership, players on Paf’s platform gain access to an array of captivating games from Thunderkick’s portfolio. Among these are popular titles such as Midas Golden Touch, Esqueleto Explosivo 2, and Hot Potato, promising immersive gaming experiences that resonate with diverse preferences.

Exploring Thunderkick's Diverse Game Selection

Thunderkick is celebrated for its ability to create games that captivate players with engaging narratives, stunning visuals, and innovative mechanics. From classic-themed slots to modern, adventure-filled epics, Thunderkick’s portfolio offers something for every type of player. Whether it’s the mystical allure of Dragon Horn or the whimsical charm of Sword of Khans, Thunderkick consistently delivers memorable gaming experiences.

Paf: A Legacy of Social Responsibility

Established in 1966, Paf boasts a rich history rooted in social responsibility. Originally founded by the Red Cross, the Save the Children’s association, and a Finnish public health organization, Paf remains committed to generating funds for the betterment of society. This alignment of values underscores the synergy between Paf and Thunderkick, as both entities prioritize not only entertainment but also social impact.

Thunderkick's Global Expansion

The collaboration with Paf underscores Thunderkick’s continued expansion into global markets. Building on previous partnerships with industry players like Relum and 7bet, Thunderkick’s commitment to innovation and quality resonates strongly in the Spanish market. With recent successful releases like Beat the Beast: Dragon’s Wrath and Xterminate, Thunderkick’s trajectory of growth is poised for further acceleration.

Insights from the Stakeholders

Mariam Dodosh, Account Manager at Thunderkick, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the opportunity to reach a wider audience in Spain. Dodosh highlighted Paf’s dedication to social causes as a shared value, aligning with Thunderkick’s mission to deliver exceptional gaming experiences while contributing positively to society.

Eric Castro, Head of Games at Paf, echoed Dodosh’s sentiments, lauding Thunderkick’s reputation for innovation and quality. Castro emphasized the anticipation surrounding the launch of Thunderkick’s acclaimed titles on Paf’s platform, foreseeing a mutually beneficial partnership that resonates with players across Europe and beyond.


In conclusion, the partnership between Thunderkick and Paf marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, particularly in Spain. By joining forces, these two entities not only expand their reach but also demonstrate a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and social responsibility. As players eagerly anticipate the launch of Thunderkick’s acclaimed titles on Paf’s platform, the future of gaming in Spain looks brighter than ever. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences while contributing positively to society, Thunderkick and Paf are poised to redefine gaming standards and enrich the lives of players across the region.


What types of games does Thunderkick offer?
Thunderkick offers a diverse range of games, including slots renowned for their innovative features and captivating themes.

How does Paf contribute to society?
Paf contributes to society by generating funds for charitable causes, aligning its gaming operations with social responsibility initiatives.

What makes the partnership between Thunderkick and Paf significant?
The partnership between Thunderkick and Paf expands gaming options for Spanish players while emphasizing shared values of innovation and social impact.

Which Thunderkick titles will be available on Paf’s platform?
Players on Paf’s platform can enjoy popular Thunderkick titles such as Pink Elephants 2 and Esqueleto Explosivo 2, among others.

How does Thunderkick approach global expansion?
Thunderkick pursues global expansion through strategic partnerships with leading operators and a commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

What sets Thunderkick apart in the gaming industry?
Thunderkick distinguishes itself with its focus on innovation, quality, and a diverse portfolio of engaging games that cater to varied player preferences.

Why is social responsibility important in the gaming industry?
Social responsibility is crucial in the gaming industry to ensure ethical practices, support communities, and mitigate potential negative impacts associated with gaming.

What factors contribute to the success of gaming partnerships?
Successful gaming partnerships are often built on shared values, innovation, and a mutual commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to players.

How does Thunderkick prioritize player engagement?
Thunderkick prioritizes player engagement by incorporating innovative features, immersive themes, and responsive gameplay in its titles.

What can players expect from the Thunderkick-Paf partnership in the future?
Players can anticipate a continued stream of exciting game releases and enhanced gaming experiences as Thunderkick and Paf collaborate to enrich the Spanish gaming market.


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