Ugliest Catch: Nolimit City’s Innovative Slot

Ugliest Catch - Nolimit City's Innovative Slot

In the ever-evolving realm of online slots, Nolimit City has carved a niche for itself by not just following trends but by setting new standards. Their latest creation, “Ugliest Catch,” exemplifies their knack for infusing innovation into established slot concepts, making them uniquely their own. So, let’s set sail into the world of “Ugliest Catch,” a slot game that promises to break the ice of conventionality and pave the way for a tidal wave of innovative success.

Fresh off the success of “Space Donkey,” a game that transported players back to the nostalgia of old-school arcade battles within the slot format, Nolimit City is now ready to tackle the realm of fishing-themed slots. With their trademark sense of humor, Nolimit City proclaims, “We’re heading to the dirty and slimy depths of a lake plagued by years of illegal and toxic dumping – in search of the Ugliest Catch.” This cheeky statement hints at the playful and whimsical theme that is set to dominate this new slot adventure.

“Ugliest Catch” doesn’t just tread the conventional waters of slot gaming; it plunges deep into uncharted territory. This slot’s base games incorporate the renowned xMechanics, xBet®, and xWays®. These elements work in harmony with Enhancer cells, introducing a host of new features that pop up to expand the ways to win. But what sets “Ugliest Catch” apart is its introduction of the Fish Trophy Wild and Kill ‘N Grill Wild Fishing, which not only play a significant role in the base game but also take the spotlight in the game’s bonus modes, especially the super bonus round known as “Honey Hole Spins.” During this special round, multipliers gathered are sticky and can combine to deliver massive potential wins, especially when the elusive “Big Berta” Fish makes an appearance, revealing a mystery multiplier of up to 5000x!

For players who crave excitement and the thrill of the unknown, “Ugliest Catch” offers an adrenaline-packed adventure. True to Nolimit City’s signature style, this game is classified as “Extremely Volatile.” The combination of multiplier building and the quest to land the biggest fish will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. The max-win feature, aptly named “Kiss my GO-TO-HELL,” promises the game’s maximum theoretical payout of a staggering 50,000 times the base bet. Indeed, a prize fit for the biggest fish in the pond.

Per Lindheimer, the Head of Product at Nolimit City, shared his thoughts on this unique venture: “It was only a matter of time that we took on the behemoth that is fishing games. Safe to say – we were hooked. With a massive 50,000x potential – we’ve mixed our signature volatility and mechanics with the relatively tame world of fishing slots. The result? The Ugliest Catch you’ve ever seen!”

“Ugliest Catch” promises to be a game-changing addition to the world of online slots. Nolimit City’s dedication to innovation, combined with their sense of humor and penchant for the unexpected, ensures that this fishing-themed slot is anything but ordinary. The game will be available to all Nolimit City partners from October 17th, 2023. So, mark your calendars and prepare to dive into the murky depths in pursuit of the Ugliest Catch!


What is “Ugliest Catch” by Nolimit City?
“Ugliest Catch” is an innovative slot game created by Nolimit City, known for their unique approach to online slots.

What sets “Ugliest Catch” apart from other slot games?
“Ugliest Catch” incorporates Nolimit City’s signature xMechanics, xBet®, and xWays® along with Enhancer cells, introducing new features and ways to win. It also features the Fish Trophy Wild and Kill ‘N Grill Wild Fishing, which play a significant role in the game’s bonus modes.

How volatile is “Ugliest Catch”?
“Ugliest Catch” is classified as “Extremely Volatile,” providing an exciting and unpredictable gaming experience.

What is the maximum theoretical payout in “Ugliest Catch”?
“Ugliest Catch” offers a maximum theoretical payout of 50,000 times the base bet, attainable through the “Kiss my GO-TO-HELL” feature.

When will “Ugliest Catch” be available to play?
“Ugliest Catch” will be available to all Nolimit City partners starting from October 17th, 2023.

What is the theme of “Ugliest Catch”?
“Ugliest Catch” features a humorous and whimsical theme, where players embark on a fishing adventure in a lake plagued by years of illegal and toxic dumping.

What are the standout features of “Ugliest Catch”?
The game introduces the Fish Trophy Wild and Kill ‘N Grill Wild Fishing in the base game, along with the “Honey Hole Spins” super bonus round, offering sticky multipliers and the chance to win big with the “Big Berta” Fish.

Who is Per Lindheimer, and what did he say about “Ugliest Catch”?
Per Lindheimer is the Head of Product at Nolimit City. He expressed excitement about their foray into fishing games and the unique combination of volatility and mechanics in “Ugliest Catch.”

How can I play “Ugliest Catch”?
“Ugliest Catch” will be available at Nolimit City’s partner casinos, so you can enjoy this innovative slot game at your preferred online casino.

What can players expect from “Ugliest Catch” in terms of entertainment and potential wins?
Players can look forward to an entertaining and thrilling gaming experience with the potential to win up to 50,000 times their base bet, making it a game with substantial winning opportunities.


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