Wazdan & Loto Québec iGaming Partnership

Wazdan & Loto Québec iGaming Partnership

Wazdan, a leading software developer in the iGaming industry, recently solidified a significant partnership with Loto-Québec, marking a pivotal moment for both entities. This collaboration not only expands Wazdan’s presence in Canada but also brings a fresh array of gaming options to the burgeoning online gaming market in the region.

The Partnership: Elevating Gaming Experience in Québec

Loto-Québec, as the primary iGaming operator in Québec, prides itself on offering top-quality titles to its players. François Hardy, the Product and Innovation Director at Loto-Québec, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the value Wazdan’s games bring to their platform. This sentiment underscores the mutual benefit both parties expect from this collaboration.

Exploring Wazdan's Captivating Titles

Wazdan is renowned for its captivating game titles, each offering a unique gaming experience. Among the standout games now available to Loto-Québec’s players are:

9 Coins Grand Gold Edition: This visually stunning slot game features innovative bonus features and the potential to win a Grand Jackpot of up to 1500x, adding excitement to every spin.

9 Coins 1000 Edition: With a twist on the classic concept, this game offers a jackpot potential of 1000x, coupled with sleek graphics and engaging gameplay.

Hot Slot: 777 Crown: A nostalgic nod to traditional fruit machines, this slot game boasts vibrant reels and substantial cash prizes, including a coveted 305x payout.

Hot Slot: Mystery Jackpot Joker: Combining mystery and excitement, this game challenges players to uncover hidden jackpots while enjoying colorful graphics and immersive gameplay.

Innovative Features Setting Wazdan Apart

Wazdan’s commitment to innovation is evident in its unique features and mechanics, including:

Hold the Jackpot: Players have the opportunity to lock in special symbols during bonus rounds, increasing their chances of hitting the jackpot.

Cash Infinity: This innovative addition enhances the likelihood of triggering bonus rounds by retaining specific symbols on the reels.

Customizable Volatility Levels: Recognizing players’ diverse preferences, Wazdan allows users to adjust the game’s volatility, providing a tailored gaming experience.

Strategic Expansion into Québec: A Promising Market

Québec’s gaming landscape presents a strategic opportunity for Wazdan’s expansion efforts. With its mature market, distinct regulatory environment, and enthusiastic player base, Québec offers a fertile ground for growth. By partnering with Loto-Québec, Wazdan aims to capitalize on this opportunity and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences to local players.

Wazdan's Journey in Canada and Beyond

Prior to its collaboration with Loto-Québec, Wazdan had already made significant strides in the Canadian market. From obtaining a supplier license in Ontario to forging partnerships with industry giants like Caesars and Neo.bet, Wazdan has been steadily expanding its footprint across the country. Moreover, the company’s presence in other North American markets, particularly New Jersey, underscores its commitment to global expansion and innovation.


The partnership between Wazdan and Loto-Québec heralds a new era of gaming excellence in Québec. With an impressive portfolio of games and innovative features, Wazdan is poised to redefine the online gaming experience for players across the province. As both entities continue to collaborate and innovate, the future of gaming in Québec looks brighter than ever.


Are Wazdan games available in other regions besides Canada?
Yes, Wazdan games are available in various regions worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and North America.

What makes Wazdan’s games unique?
Wazdan games stand out due to their innovative features, captivating graphics, and immersive gameplay experiences.

Can players adjust the volatility of Wazdan games?
Yes, Wazdan offers customizable volatility levels, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

How does Wazdan contribute to responsible gaming practices?
Wazdan is committed to promoting responsible gaming by implementing features such as session time limits and self-exclusion options in its games.

What types of partnerships has Wazdan formed in Canada?
Wazdan has partnered with leading operators such as Caesars, Neo.bet, and now Loto-Québec to bring its games to Canadian players.

Are Wazdan games regulated and licensed?
Yes, Wazdan games are rigorously tested and certified by regulatory authorities in various jurisdictions to ensure fairness and compliance.

What is Loto-Québec’s role in the partnership with Wazdan?
As the primary iGaming operator in Québec, Loto-Québec provides a platform for Wazdan to offer its games to players in the region.

How does Wazdan support the local gaming community in Québec?
Wazdan is committed to contributing to the growth of the gaming community in Québec by offering innovative gaming experiences and supporting responsible gaming initiatives.

Can players expect new game releases from Wazdan in the future?
Yes, Wazdan is continually developing new game titles and features to provide fresh and exciting experiences for players worldwide.

What sets Wazdan apart from other game developers in the industry?
Wazdan distinguishes itself through its focus on innovation, quality, and player-centric approach, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for all users.


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