Alpha Affiliates Celebrates 11 Years of Success

Alpha Affiliates Celebrates 11 Years of Success

In the world of affiliate marketing, Alpha Affiliates stands tall as an industry leader, and in 2023, they have every reason to celebrate. The company, known for its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional affiliate services to the iGaming community, has achieved remarkable growth and recognition on both national and international fronts. With over 15,000 partners spread across more than 50 countries and a user base exceeding 2,000,000 players worldwide, Alpha Affiliates has firmly established itself as a dominant force in the affiliate marketing landscape.

The year 2023 has been a pivotal one for Alpha Affiliates, marked by substantial expansion and success. Notably, the company has witnessed a 20% surge in new partners, indicating a growing network of affiliates who trust Alpha Affiliates to drive their success. This year, Alpha Affiliates prioritized expanding its affiliate community, forging connections with new, high-performing webmasters, while also nurturing and strengthening relationships with existing partners. These relationships have played a pivotal role in their recent growth, enabling them to extend their reach to over 50 countries globally and solidify their position in international markets.

This impressive growth is attributed to Alpha Affiliates’ revamped and expanded product portfolio, which now includes new iGaming brands like Spinch, Rakoo, and Casino Infinity, alongside enhancements to existing products. These offerings cater to a diverse range of player preferences spanning online casinos and sports betting platforms. The company is set to showcase all these products at SiGMA Malta in November, providing an opportunity for attendees to meet the team and experience Alpha Affiliates’ unparalleled approach to affiliate marketing firsthand.

Innovation remains at the forefront of Alpha Affiliates’ priorities in 2023. The company continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and analytical tools, empowering affiliates with comprehensive data insights to drive traffic and conversions through innovative marketing strategies. Their ultimate goal is to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) by leveraging data-driven strategies while adhering to iGaming regulations across different countries. This dedication to innovation and excellence has earned Alpha Affiliates the prestigious title of “Affiliate Network of the Year” from Affpapa.

As part of Alpha Affiliate’s ongoing celebration of its achievements, the company recently hosted its 13th-anniversary “Alpha Party” in Cyprus, offering partners a memorable evening of festivities. However, they aren’t stopping there; Alpha Affiliates is taking things up a notch by giving back to its community through the launch of an exciting “Affiliate Race.” This raffle presents an opportunity for top-performing partners to compete for prizes and a coveted spot in the Alpha Affiliates Hall of Fame. With over €200,000 in prizes and Alpha-branded rings inspired by NBA championship rings, granting access to exclusive events, this race promises to be Alpha Affiliates’ most significant and competitive promotion yet.

The past year has seen Alpha Affiliates achieve sustained and substantial growth, bolstered by key appointments such as Irina Makarova as the new Chief Marketing Officer, Vladimir Pisanko as Head of PSP, and Nikita Tsarenko as Head of Analytics. These additions to the team are instrumental in ensuring the company’s ongoing success. Looking ahead, Alpha Affiliates has ambitious plans to further expand its global reach and partner network, with a particular focus on penetrating the LATAM markets, powered by WinToro, Alpha Affiliate’s new Sportsbook offering. Their commitment to helping affiliates realize their growth and revenue potential is underscored by their ever-expanding product portfolio.

Boris Pashnev, Head of Affiliates, reflects on their journey, saying, “We’re extremely proud and humbled to have achieved all that we have in the past year. This success is evidence of our hard work in our industry, allowing us to achieve a very successful year with incredible growth, welcoming new Alpha Affiliates members. We will continue to provide the best affiliate service for our partners while ensuring we are continuously growing and developing to better service the industry and celebrate more milestones ahead.”


What is Alpha Affiliates’ key achievement in 2023?
Alpha Affiliates achieved remarkable growth and recognition, expanding to over 15,000 partners in more than 50 countries.

How much did Alpha Affiliates’ partner network grow this year?
In 2023, Alpha Affiliates witnessed a 20% upsurge in new partners, indicating substantial expansion.

What products has Alpha Affiliates introduced in 2023?
Alpha Affiliates introduced new iGaming brands such as Spinch, Rakoo, and Casino Infinity, along with enhancements to existing products.

Where can you see Alpha Affiliates’ products in November?
Alpha Affiliates’ products will be showcased at SiGMA Malta in November, offering attendees a chance to interact with the team.

How does Alpha Affiliates prioritize innovation in 2023?
Alpha Affiliates invests in cutting-edge technologies and analytical tools to provide affiliates with data insights and innovative marketing strategies.

What award did Alpha Affiliates receive for their efforts?
Alpha Affiliates was honored with the title “Affiliate Network of the Year” by Affpapa.

How did Alpha Affiliates celebrate their recent achievements?
Alpha Affiliates hosted an anniversary “Alpha Party” in Cyprus for partners to enjoy a memorable evening.

What is the “Affiliate Race” launched by Alpha Affiliates?
The “Affiliate Race” is a raffle offering top-performing partners a chance to compete for prizes and a spot in the Alpha Affiliates Hall of Fame.

What is the prize pool for the “Affiliate Race”?
The “Affiliate Race” offers over €200,000 in prizes, including Alpha-branded rings inspired by NBA championship rings.

What are Alpha Affiliates’ plans for the future?
Alpha Affiliates aims to expand into LATAM markets and further support affiliates in their growth journey with an expanding product portfolio.


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