BC.GAME Partners with Leicester City FC

BC.GAME Partners with Leicester City FC

In a significant move that underscores its growing influence in #sports sponsorship, @BC.GAME has forged a pioneering partnership with @LeicesterCityFC for the upcoming 2024/25 season. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both entities, promising to redefine engagement in the world of professional #football.

The Partnership Unveiled

BC.GAME’s strategic alliance with Leicester City FC is poised to become one of the most substantial sponsorships in the club’s storied history. Starting from the 2024/25 season, BC.GAME’s branding will prominently feature on the shirt-fronts of Leicester City’s Men’s First Team and adult replica shirts. This visibility not only enhances BC.GAME’s global reach but also aligns with Leicester City FC’s ambitious goals on and off the field.

New Horizons in Women's Football

The launch event for the 2024/25 LCFC Women home shirt, scheduled for Saturday 20 July, marks another highlight of this partnership. This unveiling will coincide with the announcement of the team’s Principal Partner, setting the stage for a dynamic entry into the Barclays Women’s Super League season commencing in September. BC.GAME’s involvement underscores its commitment to promoting inclusivity and excellence across all facets of professional football.

Perspectives from Leicester City FC

Susan Whelan, Chief Executive of Leicester City FC, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the strategic importance of partnering with a forward-thinking entity like BC.GAME. She highlighted the mutual benefits expected from this alliance, including enhanced resources for team development and an enriched fan experience in the Premier League. Whelan noted that BC.GAME’s innovative approach to online gaming aligns well with Leicester City FC’s vision of leveraging partnerships to drive sustainable growth and engagement.

BC.GAME's Vision

Rayne Davis, Director of Marketing and Affiliates at BC.GAME, articulated the company’s excitement about joining forces with Leicester City FC. Davis emphasized the club’s rich heritage, passionate fanbase, and global appeal as pivotal factors driving this collaboration. The partnership aims to introduce BC.GAME’s innovative approach to online gaming to new demographics, promoting a safe and responsible gaming environment while expanding brand recognition worldwide. Davis reiterated BC.GAME’s commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances both parties’ market presence and community impact.

Expansion of Sponsorship Opportunities

The partnership between BC.GAME and Leicester City FC signifies more than a mere sponsorship deal; it represents a strategic alignment of shared values and ambitions. As Leicester City FC returns to the Premier League with renewed vigor, securing high-value partnerships becomes integral to sustaining competitive excellence and fostering community engagement. BC.GAME’s entry into the club’s sponsorship portfolio opens new avenues for collaborative initiatives that extend beyond traditional marketing strategies. This includes joint efforts in fan engagement campaigns, youth development programs, and community outreach activities aimed at enriching the lives of supporters and residents alike.

Impact on Sports Sponsorship Landscape

The collaboration between BC.GAME and Leicester City FC is poised to make waves in the sports sponsorship landscape. By leveraging Leicester City FC’s global platform and BC.GAME’s innovative branding strategies, both parties anticipate significant growth in audience engagement and brand visibility. This partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations between online gaming platforms and professional sports clubs, highlighting the evolving dynamics of modern sports marketing. As stakeholders in the sports industry observe this innovative alliance, they recognize its potential to redefine sponsorship paradigms and inspire similar partnerships across different leagues and regions.

Future Prospects and Community Engagement

Looking ahead, BC.GAME and Leicester City FC aim to amplify their impact on community initiatives and fan engagement programs. Through joint efforts, they seek to enhance the overall fan experience, promote grassroots football, and support local communities. This commitment underscores their dedication to leaving a lasting legacy beyond the confines of the football pitch. By aligning corporate social responsibility with strategic business objectives, BC.GAME and Leicester City FC aspire to set new benchmarks in sports sponsorship that prioritize sustainability, inclusivity, and positive societal impact. Through ongoing dialogue with fans, stakeholders, and community leaders, they plan to refine their approach and expand their reach to new demographics, ensuring that their partnership continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.


The partnership between BC.GAME and Leicester City FC marks a milestone in sports sponsorship, blending tradition with innovation to redefine industry standards. As both entities gear up for an exciting season ahead, their collaboration promises to elevate fan experiences, drive commercial success, and set new benchmarks in sports marketing excellence. By leveraging their respective strengths and shared values, BC.GAME and Leicester City FC are poised to inspire the next generation of sports sponsorships, fostering meaningful connections with fans and communities worldwide.


What is the significance of BC.GAME partnering with Leicester City FC?
BC.GAME’s partnership with Leicester City FC marks a significant milestone in sports sponsorship, blending the realms of professional football and online gaming. It enhances BC.GAME’s global visibility and introduces their brand to a diverse audience of football enthusiasts worldwide.

When will BC.GAME’s branding appear on Leicester City FC shirts?
BC.GAME’s branding will debut on Leicester City’s Men’s First Team and adult replica shirts starting from the 2024/25 season. This includes prominent placement on the shirt-fronts, showcasing their commitment to the partnership.

Why is Leicester City FC’s partnership with BC.GAME considered groundbreaking?
This partnership is groundbreaking as it represents a fusion of traditional sports sponsorship with the innovative world of online gaming. It sets a precedent for collaborations between sports clubs and digital entertainment platforms, shaping future sponsorship strategies in the sports industry.

How does this partnership impact Leicester City FC’s global reach?
By aligning with BC.GAME, Leicester City FC expands its global footprint. BC.GAME’s international presence and digital marketing expertise enhance Leicester City FC’s exposure to new markets and demographics, fostering deeper fan engagement worldwide.

What are the expectations from the partnership in terms of fan engagement?
The partnership aims to enhance fan experiences through innovative activations and digital engagement strategies. Fans can expect exclusive content, interactive experiences, and community initiatives that bridge the gap between football fandom and online gaming.

Who announced the partnership between BC.GAME and Leicester City FC?
Susan Whelan, Chief Executive of Leicester City FC, and Rayne Davis, Director of Marketing and Affiliates at BC.GAME, jointly announced the partnership, highlighting its strategic importance and mutual benefits.

Where can fans expect to see BC.GAME’s branding aside from the team shirts?
In addition to shirt sponsorship, BC.GAME’s branding will likely feature across Leicester City FC’s digital platforms, stadium signage, and various marketing materials. This multi-channel approach maximizes brand exposure and engagement with fans both online and offline.

What role does BC.GAME play in promoting responsible gaming?
BC.GAME prioritizes responsible gaming practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for users. Through educational campaigns, strict compliance measures, and support resources, BC.GAME advocates for responsible gaming within the online gaming community.

When is the launch event for the LCFC Women home shirt?
The launch event for the 2024/25 LCFC Women home shirt, coinciding with the announcement of the team’s Principal Partner, is scheduled for Saturday 20 July. This event marks a significant moment in promoting women’s football alongside BC.GAME’s brand introduction.

How does BC.GAME’s partnership with Leicester City FC support community initiatives?
BC.GAME and Leicester City FC are committed to community engagement. They plan to collaborate on various initiatives such as youth development programs, local charity partnerships, and fan-driven events that positively impact communities and foster a sense of belonging among supporters.


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