Booming Games & JOI Gaming Alliance

Booming Games & JOI Gaming Alliance

Booming Games proudly announces the seamless integration of its highly acclaimed titles with JOI Gaming, a leading operator in the online gaming industry. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for both entities, promising an enhanced gaming experience for players worldwide.

Diversifying the Game Portfolio

Booming Games brings a diverse array of captivating and top-performing slot games into the casino lobby through this integration. Titles such as Cash Pig and The Wild Wings of Phoenix are set to elevate the entertainment quotient for players on the JOI Gaming platform.

JOI Gaming: An Integral Player in the Industry

The Backbone of JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group

JOI Gaming operates under the online brand and is an integral part of the renowned JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group. With 86 land-based casinos under its management, including well-known venues like Jack’s Casino, Flash Casinos, and Flamingo Casino, JOI Gaming holds a prominent position in the Dutch gaming landscape.

A Seamless Operation Across the Netherlands

Under the adept management of JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group, the seamless operation of numerous land-based casinos across the Netherlands is a testament to JOI Gaming’s commitment to excellence. The synergy between JOI Gaming and Booming Games is set to amplify this commitment, providing players with unparalleled gaming excitement.

Strategic Plans for European Market Access

Ambitious Plans Unveiled

The collaboration between Booming Games and JOI Gaming reveals ambitious plans and a strategic approach to access the burgeoning European market. With a focus on the Netherlands, this partnership aims to extend its influence into broader horizons, making waves in the European gaming landscape.

Regional Proficiency Meets Gaming Excellence

By teaming up with JOI Gaming, Booming Games leverages the regional proficiency of its partner, combining it with its own state-of-the-art gaming solutions. This strategic amalgamation ensures players an unmatched and memorable gaming journey, setting the stage for outstanding entertainment in the European market.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Frederik Niehusen, Chief Commercial Officer for Booming Games

“Teaming up with JOI Gaming, the foremost platform for online betting, is a major stride for us,” says Frederik Niehusen. “JOI Gaming’s commitment to ensuring safety, fairness, and trust aligns seamlessly with our values. This collaboration not only strengthens our foothold in the Netherlands but also underscores our dedication to being a prominent player in the industry, providing an elevated gaming experience for Dutch players.”

Sjoerd Kranz, Head of Gaming and Retention for JOI Gaming

“We are proud to welcome Booming Games aboard for this new and promising collaboration,” expresses Sjoerd Kranz. “Knowing the strengths of Booming Games, we are pretty sure its content will increase the excitement level of the portfolio we offer to the players. This partnership is looking really promising for everyone involved, and we can’t wait to dive into all the opportunities it brings to the table.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What games will Booming Games integrate into JOI Gaming’s platform?
Booming Games will integrate a diverse array of titles, including popular slot games like Cash Pig and The Wild Wings of Phoenix.

How many land-based casinos does JOI Gaming manage?
JOI Gaming, under the JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group, manages a total of 86 land-based casinos across the Netherlands.

What is the strategic focus of the Booming Games and JOI Gaming collaboration?
The collaboration aims to access the burgeoning European market, with a strategic focus on expanding influence in the Netherlands and beyond.

What values does JOI Gaming prioritize in its online betting platform?
JOI Gaming prioritizes safety, fairness, and trust in its online betting platform.

How does the collaboration between Booming Games and JOI Gaming benefit Dutch players?
The collaboration ensures Dutch players an elevated gaming experience, combining regional proficiency with state-of-the-art gaming solutions.

What are the notable titles offered by Booming Games?
Booming Games offers notable titles such as Cash Pig and The Wild Wings of Phoenix.

Under which online brand does JOI Gaming operate?
JOI Gaming operates under the online brand

What is the commitment of JOI Gaming to excellence in the gaming industry?
JOI Gaming, under the adept management of JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group, is committed to providing an excellent and seamless gaming experience.

What are the broader horizons that Booming Games and JOI Gaming aim to explore?
The collaboration aims to strengthen its presence not only in the Dutch market but also in broader horizons, expanding into the European gaming landscape.

How does the collaboration between Booming Games and JOI Gaming benefit both entities?
The collaboration benefits both entities by combining regional proficiency, gaming excellence, and a shared commitment to providing outstanding entertainment for players.


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