Habanero Unveils Waltz Beauty Slot

Habanero Unveils Waltz Beauty Slot

Premium slots and table games provider Habanero has introduced an enchanting addition to its portfolio with the release of its latest slot game, Waltz Beauty. This new game invites players into a magical fairytale world where mystery symbols and multiplier rewards promise an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

A Magical Setting with Rich Visuals

Set against the backdrop of an enchanted palace, Waltz Beauty features a 6×4 grid and offers 25 paylines. The game’s symbols are richly designed, with a host of princesses gracing the reels. Each princess symbol is intricately detailed, adding to the game’s immersive fairytale theme. The primary objective for players is to form matching combinations of these symbols across the paylines to secure wins.

Introducing Mystery Beast Symbols and Crystal Wilds

Adding an intriguing twist to the gameplay are the mystery beast symbols. These symbols can appear unexpectedly, creating an element of surprise and increasing the excitement for players. Additionally, Waltz Beauty features crystal Wilds, which not only substitute for other icons but also come with multipliers. These multipliers can significantly boost winnings, making every spin potentially more rewarding.

Palace Scatters and Free Spins

A highlight of Waltz Beauty is the palace Scatter symbols. When at least three of these symbols appear, players are transported inside the castle for an exclusive bonus round. Here, players can be awarded up to 50 free spins, enhancing their chances of winning. During the free spins round, the number of paylines doubles thanks to the Line Boost feature, further increasing the potential for substantial rewards.

Multiplier Accumulation and Massive Win Potential

Throughout the free spins round, multiplier values accumulate and remain in place for the duration of the spins. This feature offers players the potential to achieve massive rewards, with the game boasting a maximum win of up to 80,392 times the original stake. This extraordinary win potential is one of the key attractions of Waltz Beauty, making it a highly anticipated release among slot enthusiasts.

Continuation of High-Quality Releases

The launch of Waltz Beauty follows Habanero’s tradition of delivering a diverse array of high-quality slots. Recent popular titles include Totem Warrior and Arctic Hunt, both of which have been well-received by players and critics alike. Habanero continues to set a high standard in the industry with its innovative and engaging game designs.

Official Statements and Company Philosophy

Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, expressed his enthusiasm for the new release: “Waltz Beauty invites players to a grand ball filled with enough enchanting features to provide a happy fairytale ending. Boasting mystery symbols and random multipliers, Waltz Beauty embodies our philosophy of sheer gaming and crafting great experiences that are loved by players worldwide.”

Karapetrov’s statement highlights Habanero’s commitment to creating games that not only entertain but also offer substantial rewards, enhancing the overall player experience.

Innovative Features and Player Engagement

Waltz Beauty is designed with player engagement in mind. The combination of visually stunning graphics, immersive themes, and rewarding features ensures that players remain captivated. The game’s innovative features, such as the mystery beast symbols and multiplier-rich Wilds, add layers of excitement and unpredictability, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

A Fairytale Adventure for All Players

Whether players are new to online slots or seasoned enthusiasts, Waltz Beauty offers something for everyone. The game’s fairytale theme is universally appealing, and the potential for significant wins makes it an attractive choice for those looking to combine entertainment with the possibility of substantial financial rewards.

Habanero’s Role in the Gaming Industry

As a leading provider in the gaming industry, Habanero continues to push the boundaries of slot game design. The company’s focus on quality, innovation, and player satisfaction has cemented its reputation as a top-tier provider of online casino games. With the release of Waltz Beauty, Habanero reaffirms its position as a key player in the market, consistently delivering games that resonate with players globally.

Future Prospects and Upcoming Releases

Looking ahead, Habanero shows no signs of slowing down. The company is poised to release more innovative and engaging titles in the coming months, each promising to deliver the high standards of quality and entertainment that players have come to expect. Waltz Beauty sets the bar high for future releases, ensuring that Habanero remains at the forefront of the gaming industry.


Waltz Beauty is a testament to Habanero’s dedication to creating enchanting and rewarding gaming experiences. With its fairytale theme, mystery symbols, and multiplier rewards, the game promises to captivate and delight players. As Habanero continues to innovate and expand its portfolio, players can look forward to even more exciting releases in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Waltz Beauty by Habanero?
Waltz Beauty is a new slot game by Habanero set in an enchanted palace, featuring princess symbols, mystery beast symbols, crystal Wilds, and multiplier rewards.

How many paylines does Waltz Beauty offer?
Waltz Beauty offers 25 paylines on a 6×4 grid.

What special features does Waltz Beauty include?
Special features include mystery beast symbols, crystal Wilds with multipliers, palace Scatter symbols, free spins, and the Line Boost feature that doubles paylines.

What is the maximum win potential in Waltz Beauty?
Players can win up to 80,392 times their original stake.

How are free spins triggered in Waltz Beauty?
Free spins are triggered by landing at least three palace Scatter symbols.

What happens during the free spins round?
During the free spins round, players can receive up to 50 free spins, and the number of paylines doubles with the Line Boost feature. Accumulated multipliers remain in place for the duration of the spins.

What recent games has Habanero released?
Recent releases by Habanero include Totem Warrior and Arctic Hunt.

What is Habanero known for in the gaming industry?
Habanero is known for its high-quality slots, innovative game design, and commitment to player satisfaction.

Who commented on the release of Waltz Beauty?
Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero, commented on the release.

What can players expect from Habanero in the future?
Players can expect more innovative and engaging titles from Habanero, maintaining high standards of quality and entertainment.


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