SMO Case Study – Employment Hiring & CDL Training

SMO Case Study - Employment Hiring & CDL Training


Navigating the vibrant world of Instagram for a super competitive business can be a thrilling adventure. That’s precisely why we were excited to take on the challenge when a client approached us in May 2022, seeking to establish a social media presence from scratch.

As we delved into the project, we opted for Facebook Ads to reach the right audience. However, we faced a slight hurdle – the Special Ad Category. But instead of viewing it as a roadblock, we saw it as an opportunity to showcase our creativity and innovative thinking. Despite the limitations, we were determined to identify the most relevant keywords and audience to ensure the client’s ads reached their intended target.


Our client’s primary objective was to hire drivers who shared their vision of ownership and independence. With this in mind, we set out to create a dynamic marketing strategy that would attract the right candidates. We knew that we had to reach beyond the standard recruitment methods and appeal to the aspiring entrepreneurs’ inherent desire for success and self-sufficiency.

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SMO Case Study - Employment Hiring & CDL Training

Our Approach

We were thrilled to offer our expert guidance to a client looking to boost their Facebook presence. Our initial strategy was simple but effective – we recommended they start by posting regular, eye-catching images on their page while simultaneously running a Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign.

Solution & Process

The client who had no online presence and we created a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance page performance and generate high-quality leads. Our careful planning and strategic execution delivered exceptional results, and we’re proud to have been a part of our client’s journey. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to flourish.


When we began the social media campaign for our client, we faced a few hurdles – the number of leads was disappointingly low, and the cost per lead was high. But we didn’t let that discourage us! Instead, we continued to optimize our targeting approach, and our persistence paid off.

Over time, we saw a remarkable improvement in the campaign’s performance. We were delighted to witness a significant increase in the number of leads and a decrease in the cost per lead. Despite our limitations in targeting the ideal audience, we were proud to have supported our client in achieving the best possible results from their social media campaign.

Organic Result Growth Chart

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you! As you can see from the attached screenshot, there has been a
tremendous and consistent growth in Facebook Page Reach, Instagram Reach, and Paid Reach.

Paid Result

Campaign Performance Comparison

Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign


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