Tim Hodgetts Appointed Director at GamCare

Tim Hodgetts Appointed Director at GamCare

In a significant move for the #gamblingsupport sector, @GamCare has appointed Tim Hodgetts as its new Director Of Clinical Operations, effective August 2024. This appointment marks a pivotal moment for the organization, bringing onboard a seasoned leader with over 22 years of distinguished #experience in health and social care.

Tim Hodgetts' Background and Career Trajectory

Tim Hodgetts joins GamCare following a notable tenure within the NHS, where he held various senior leadership roles. Most recently, he served as Deputy Director for Integrated Care Services at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust. His responsibilities were expansive, covering quality improvement, risk management, financial oversight, and performance management across Dorset’s healthcare landscape. Under his stewardship, urgent care services, including the NHS 111 telephony and online service, achieved remarkable success, ranking as the best-performing in the country.

Leadership and Strategic Vision

At GamCare, Tim Hodgetts will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction and operational management of the charity’s clinical and support services. This includes overseeing the renowned National Gambling Helpline, regional treatment facilities, and a diverse portfolio of prevention and education programs aimed at tackling gambling-related harms.

Tim Hodgetts expressed his enthusiasm about joining GamCare, highlighting his commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized support services. His vision emphasizes collaboration with existing partners such as the NHS and government bodies while forging new relationships to advance prevention, education, and treatment initiatives within the gambling support sector.

Endorsement and Expectations

Margot Daly, Chair at GamCare, welcomed Tim Hodgetts’ appointment, underscoring his extensive expertise and strategic acumen as invaluable assets for the organization. She expressed confidence in Tim’s leadership abilities and hinted at forthcoming senior appointments that will further bolster GamCare’s clinical leadership.

GamCare's Comprehensive Support Network

GamCare is renowned for its holistic approach to supporting individuals affected by gambling-related issues. Central to its mission is the National Gambling Helpline, a lifeline offering free, confidential advice and support to anyone in need, available 24/7. In addition to the helpline, GamCare provides comprehensive treatment services across key regions in the UK through its National Gambling Support Network.

Impactful Prevention and Education Programs

Beyond direct support services, GamCare is committed to proactive prevention and education efforts. The organization’s initiatives include specialized programs tailored to diverse demographics and sectors. The Women’s Programme, for instance, addresses unique challenges faced by women affected by gambling harms, offering targeted support and interventions.

The Criminal Justice Programme intersects with legal frameworks, providing tailored interventions for individuals within the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, the Money Guidance Service offers practical financial advice and support to mitigate the financial impacts of gambling addiction.

Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme (YPGHPP)

One of GamCare’s flagship initiatives is the Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme (YPGHPP), launched in April 2020 in collaboration with five partners. This pioneering program aims to raise awareness among young people about the risks associated with gambling and equip them with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices.

Since its inception, the YPGHPP has made significant strides, reaching over 133,000 young people and engaging 28,000 parents and professionals nationwide. The program’s multifaceted approach includes school-based education sessions, online resources, and outreach activities tailored to resonate with young audiences.

Tim Hodgetts' Strategic Goals

In assuming his role as Director of Clinical Operations, Tim Hodgetts outlined several strategic goals aimed at elevating GamCare’s impact and reach. His priorities include enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of support services, leveraging data-driven insights to refine service delivery, and fostering greater collaboration across sectors to strengthen the overall response to gambling-related harms.

Tim emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in service provision, citing technology and data analytics as critical enablers for optimizing resource allocation and tailoring interventions to meet evolving needs. His approach underscores a commitment to evidence-based practices and stakeholder engagement to drive meaningful change.

Future Prospects and Expansion

Looking ahead, GamCare remains dedicated to expanding its footprint and enhancing its service offerings. The organization is poised to explore new avenues for partnership and collaboration, both domestically and internationally, to broaden its impact and reach more individuals in need of support.


In conclusion, Tim Hodgetts’ appointment as Director of Clinical Operations at GamCare heralds a new chapter of leadership and innovation in the gambling support sector. With his wealth of experience and strategic vision, Tim is set to steer GamCare towards greater heights, ensuring that individuals affected by gambling-related harms receive the best possible care and support.


What is GamCare?
GamCare is a leading charity providing support and resources for individuals affected by gambling-related harm.

Who is Tim Hodgetts?
Tim Hodgetts is the newly appointed Director of Clinical Operations at GamCare, bringing over 22 years of experience in health and social care.

What does Tim Hodgetts’ role entail at GamCare?
Tim Hodgetts oversees strategic oversight and operational management of GamCare’s clinical and support services, including the National Gambling Helpline and prevention programs.

What services does GamCare offer?
GamCare offers the National Gambling Helpline, treatment services across the UK, and various prevention and education programs targeting different demographics.

How can I contact the National Gambling Helpline?
The National Gambling Helpline can be reached 24/7 for free practical advice and support by calling their dedicated phone number.

What is the Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme?
It’s a program aimed at educating young people about gambling risks and providing support, launched by GamCare in collaboration with partners.

How does GamCare support individuals affected by gambling?
GamCare provides confidential support, counseling, and treatment sessions tailored to individuals experiencing gambling-related harm.

What geographical areas does GamCare cover?
GamCare offers services across London, the South East, Yorkshire, the East Midlands, Scotland, and beyond through its National Gambling Support Network.

How can I get involved with GamCare’s prevention programs?
You can explore opportunities to support GamCare’s prevention initiatives through volunteering, fundraising, or spreading awareness about responsible gambling practices.

How does GamCare ensure confidentiality and privacy?
GamCare maintains strict confidentiality protocols to protect the privacy of individuals seeking support through its services.


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