Affiliate Case Study – Wine Industry

Affiliate Case Study - Wine Industry


Originally started in 2001, we are a true homegrown business that was built and is staffed by people who use the products and know the product line, and each new product we carry is

Prior to Affiliate Marketing

Wind store came to us in July of 2018, with some online presence. They wanted to get good revenue from current affiliate program, increase the overall business revenue. At the time they signed on for our Affiliate Marketing Management services.

Our Approach

To meet established Affiliate Marketing revenue goals required both consultative digital marketing services and tactical expertise. These services included:

Created Long Term Roadmaps:
Roadmap strategy documents were created to outline short term and long-term vision and tactics.

The Affiliate Account:
As it had never been tied up with the network we started with the initial review the network account of ShareASale by adding creative inventory like Banners, Coupon Code, Text Links, Creating Email Responders etc. as per requirements.

Devised Communications Strategy and Protocol:
Crafted communications strategy to develop rapport and update performing/active affiliates on new promotions and programs through Newsletter and personalized emails.

Monitor Program and Performance Daily:
Reviewed affiliate program status daily. Refined as necessary.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting:
Provided weekly and monthly analytic status report and recommendations also took the required promotional action if and when was required.

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Affiliate Program Performance in Network

July, 2018

Review the account & creating the Roadmap of Short Term and Long Term Activities and Pitched On Board Performing Affiliates

December, 2018

Recruit more affiliates & increase the sales volume with affiliate traffic


Program is listed on top affiliates such as Ebates, Groupon etc.. They get sales from affiliates on a daily basis. Affiliate sales have been increasing. They do have 4.29% conversion ratio

The Result

The results were immediate and the affiliate program campaign started delivering more and more conversions thereby improving performance by every week/month. This is what helps us to upgrade our affiliate marketing channel to next level.


As a Web- and Graphics Designer, I possess extensive knowledge and expertise in WordPress theme customization. My skillset includes developing responsive web designs utilizing HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, as well as creating E-commerce Website Solutions. I am also proficient in creating visually appealing Graphics. In addition, I specialize in optimizing website SEO through on-page and off-page optimization techniques.

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